HCAU Tours the White House

On Saturday, Feb. 22, the women of Her Campus at American University took a short trip from campus to explore the White House.

The journey began at 9:30 a.m. where our group of around 20 college women rocking their best ‘fits congregated outside of the Tenleytown metro. Five stops later, we emerged at Farragut North ready to take on the White House.

Alas, no journey is complete without at least one bump in the road. Ours came at the entrance to the White House grounds where we were informed that no purses would be allowed inside. However, our fearless executive board leaders jumped right into action and saved the day by finding a gym that allowed us to place our bags inside of a locker.

With that problem behind us, we went back to the White House (after a quick coffee run of course!), ready to begin our tour. 

With visiting the White House, intense security is a given, so we made our way through two Secret Service security tents, a dog sniffing area, and scanners. After we all made it through the long security process, we were finally able to enter.

The visitors entrance corridor is covered with photos of current and past presidents, showing them with their family, giving speeches, speaking with various public figures, and even pictures of them with their pets. After leaving the first hallway, we had the opportunity to peer into the library, the Vermeil Room, and the China room.

After completing the first floor, we moved upstairs and were able to see my personal favorite rooms: the Red, Blue, and Green rooms. Each room had a different color theme and their distinct styles transported you to another time.

All of the rooms throughout the White House were unique from one another, but the general feeling of regality made them feel very powerful. Whether it was the artistry of the various paintings decorating the walls or the ornate architectural details, the White House felt extremely impressive. 

The only downside was that I would have loved to hear more about the history of the White House. Every room seemed so full of detail and memory, that it felt like a lost opportunity not to uncover its history.

Our White House adventure, of course, ended in a mini photo shoot to capture the moment, take advantage of the overcast lighting, and perfect location. Check out our Instagram @hercampusau to see some more White House pictures!

Even though we didn’t see the president, overall, the trip was a success. Going to the White House is a once in a lifetime experience, and for students in D.C. specifically, an experience on our doorstep that we don’t often take advantage of. Playing the role of “the tourist” in the District never ceases to amaze me, so if given the chance to explore the White House, I definitely recommend seizing the opportunity.


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