The Guynecologist on Girls Asking Guys Out: A Lesson from Natural Science

My biggest fear is seeing a live snake. If I’m walking and one slithers out in front of me, I’m bound to shriek, jump for cover and have a panic attack. While I may not be the "tough guy" you were expecting your new Guynecologist to be, it’s honestly just who I am. To quell this anxiety, I’ve heard from accredited biologists that in an interaction with a snake, the snake is actually probably more afraid of humans than they are of it. Any behavior that you or I would deem as an attack may actually just be the reptile’s instinctual defenses.

Speaking of scary situations, let's talk about girls asking guys out. You may feel you have already gone through all the tricks in the book - you’ve giggled at his jokes, worn your favorite perfume, and flirtatiously touched his arm. Yet despite all this, he still won’t ask you out. 

It’s time for you to make the move, but in precariously planning your approach, I can guess you may be nervous to see how he will react to your romantic proposition.

But let me tell you, us guys are just like that snake. We’re more scared of you, than you are of us.  In the moments that feel like hours after you’ve popped the question, a million thoughts may be racing through a guy’s head. We’ll be asking ourselves if we heard you correctly, if you’ve lost your mind or intoxicated, and exactly what “going out” might entail. We’ll be questioning our own perceptions, like why we didn’t see this coming. We’re trying to check our calendar to see when we’d even have the time while wondering if you already had a date in mind or if it’s something that we would be in charge of planning.

If you see a stunned expression work its way onto the guy's face or he takes more than the normal time to respond, know that this is not out of disgust nor malcontent. We just simply have a lot to work through mentally.

So in your approach, you can help reduce our fears if you follow a few easy steps. Be bold and clear in what you are trying to say. We don’t want any subtlety, double entendres or the like. Be explicit in your intent and give us as much information as you can about what you’d like from us. It is also essential to speak slowly while asking us out. 

With this in mind, while this whole Sadie Hawkins style to courting a man may sound intimidating as it defies typical standards and puts you in a vulnerable place, guys are left like a deer in headlights, or if you will, a snake that is about to be stepped on.


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