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Guide to Your Last Minute Spring Break

We get it, time got away from you and you never got to plan that amazing spring break you thought you’ d have this year. Well don’t get so down yet, here are a few last minute ideas for you to plan the most awesome spring break yet!

1. Did you want to do a getaway trip but forgot to make hotel reservations? Do not worry, download the Hotel Tonight App, which can help you book a hotel that night for a low price.

2. Looking for a beach destination? Enjoy the beaches and boardwalks of  Virginia Beach, Norfolk and North Beach. Each about a four to five hour drive away from American University that you’ll be sure to have good weather and a good time.

3. If your looking to stay close to D.C., but want to travel and see some attractions that you can travel to at anytime, why not go to Baltimore! This beautiful city is filled with so many historical and entertaining tourism sights as well as great restaurants and shopping. Top attractions include The National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor. With so much to do and see, this is definitely a destination you’ll need a few days of spring break to see! 

4. If you don’t have a car and need help with finding a means of travel, try Tripper Bus. Tripper Bus offers multiple buses each day that go out of D.C. to many different destinations so you can pretty much travel to anywhere you want. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for an intercity spring break to destinations like New York or Philadelphia, because lets be honest…who wouldn’t want to spend spring break in the city!

5. Why leave when there is so much to do right where you are? With school and work, it’s hard to find time to experience the amazing city of D.C. and all its attractions, so why not spend your spring break taking advantage of exploring the nation’s capital and all it has to offer. 

6. Want to get away with some friends but don’t know where to stay? Airbnb is a great resource to find reasonably cheap places to rent for spring break. Although you may need to make arrangements a few days in advance, this site is also a great resource if you need to find a place fast! 

7. If you’re looking for something more adventurous why not go to a few theme parks over spring break? Bushe Gardens, Six Flags, and Adventure Park are all fun attractions to help you get off campus, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Just because you haven’t made plans yet doesn’t mean you can’t still make them! With so much to do, you can still have that crazy, fun, college spring break you desire, even if it is last minute!


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