The Guide to Obtaining and Maintaining Healthy and Clear Skin

I began visiting the dermatologist when I was fourteen because I was having trouble keeping my skin clear. I would never have associated my skin problems with cleanliness, but over the years I have picked up on a few tips and tricks that have helped me maintain clean and healthy skin. Below are a few simple tips (that have helped me tremendously) that may help you keep your skin clean, healthy and clear.

1. Anything that has contact with your face must be cleaned frequently. More specifically, think about the objects on a daily basis that come in contact with your face. If these objects aren’t cleaned regularly, the bacteria begins to accumulate on these objects and goes straight onto your face, causing breakouts, oil accumulation, etc. These objects include: cell phones, reading glasses, sunglasses, bath towels (use a maximum of two times prior to washing), hands, throw blankets, pillow cases, hats that are machine washable, makeup brushes, and beauty blenders. Makeup brushes and beauty blenders should be cleaned once a week.

2. The key to a proper skin care regiment is simplicity. When I was a teenager, I would spend so much money at drug stores on different products and tools that I thought would help my skin, often indulging in products that I would see on infomercials. My bathroom cabinets started to look like a CVS. In the last couple of years I have discovered what three products work for me. My skin care regiment contains an exfoliant, a gentler cleanser and a great spot treatment. Your skin care routine does not have to be long and grueling; it may take time to find which few products work best for you, but once you do, cleaning your skin becomes a much easier process.

3. Consider investing in a face mask. Masks are used to combat the specific skin problems you have, but on an intensified level. They should be used at least twice a week to get the best results. Someone who has oily skin like me may need a mask that dries out blemishes and absorbs the excess oil. I recommend using masks on Thursdays and Sundays. This is because by Thursday the majority of the week is done, and it’s time to remove all of the bacteria from the stress from work or school week from your face. Sundays are a good day for students to use face masks, because many of us already spend the day in sweatpants doing schoolwork. So why not just put a mask on while you study?

Here are a few face masks we suggest trying out:

For oily, problematic skin "Beauty 360 Detoxifying Facial Mask," $7.99  

For Dry Skin "Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avocado and Oatmeal," $7.29 

Although it is a bit pricey, for Combination Skin, consider the "Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment," $69.00 

4. Don’t wear makeup every single day of the week. Your skin needs to breathe. Giving your skin a break can help it to clear up. Also, I have found that being exposed to the sun’s natural vitamin D without having makeup on your face helps skin stay clear and helps get rid of hyperpigmentation, i.e. acne scaring.

5. My last tip is to take a daily oral probiotic. Probiotics helps regulate the bacteria in the body. They are more commonly used to help with digestion, but a probiotic’s job is to flush out the bad bacteria in the body that causes indigestion and unhealthy skin, while leaving the healthy bacteria in the body. Taking one oral probiotic a day will not only help digestion, but also will help your skin remain glowing and healthy.  Consider speaking to your doctor or dermatologist before taking probiotics. 

Two probiotics we suggest trying:

Florastor, $18.99

Nature’s Bounty, $5.73


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