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Guide to Going Braless…or Not

Bras are a garment which have been ingrained into the social history of women for centuries. They are one of the many pieces of clothing women have worn in order to obtain the ideal body type that their society desires. Before the bra, there was the corset. The corset was worn starting in the 14th century to push the breasts up, but around the late 19th century it began to be swapped for what we now use: the bra.

Today, bras are seen as more fashion statement, rather than a social status role. However, our society still pushes for women to wear bras to avoid sagging, and to push up their breasts so that they look attractive. But recently, women have been fighting back against the need to wear such uncomfortable garments. Going braless is a popular, and no longer taboo, fashion idea.

If you’re interested in trying out this style, here’s a guide:



1. Most Importantly: Be Confident.

If you have worn a bra your entire life, going out in public without a bra for the first time may feel uncomfortable and wrong. You might feel like people are staring at you, and that they know. But even if they are staring, that’s their problem, not yours. These are your boobs, not theirs, their thoughts on your bralessness are entirely irrelevant.

One of the aspects I personally find most uncomfortable about being braless in public is the idea of my nipples poking through my shirt, which brings me to point two.

2. Adhesives Exist

There are tons of options for going braless while still having your nipples covered. You could buy a sticky bra, which is pretty much the cups of a bra minus the straps and band around your ribs, stuck to your boobs. This kind is reusable, and offers support for those who aren’t comfortable going 100% braless because they like the support that bras offer.

Another option is pasties, which you could get in a one-use, band aid form, or a reusable jelly-type form.

3. Do’s and Don’ts

What you’re comfortable doing and not doing when it comes to not wearing a bra is all up to you. I’m not going to tell you not to wear certain fabrics or materials because they “show too much” because that is all on you. If you’re comfortable in a mesh top with no bra, then go you, that’s awesome. Others may only be comfortable in loose fitting, darker tops, which don’t show as much, and that’s awesome too. And others might not even be comfortable not wearing a bra, again, that’s still awesome.

A lot of articles you find online about not wearing bras suggest that there is a limit to who can do this based on the size of an individual’s breasts. Personally, I think that’s complete nonsense because it’s a personal preference. If you have larger than what is considered acceptable when not wearing a bra, breasts, and you still feel comfortable going braless: DO IT.

The only real “don’t” that I have about this, is don’t do this in situations that are professional. Going braless is becoming more and more acceptable, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go over well at an interview or at an office job.

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