Going Through Fall Recruitment

The start of the semester is busy. Adjusting to new classes, joining clubs, maybe starting a job or internship: life gets hectic. So on top of all of that, why should you join a sorority?

As someone going through the process, let me tell you, it’s definitely a lot, and it’s not for everyone. However, it can be a really enjoyable experience if you’re looking for new friends, opportunities, or just some fun!

Sororities in the Panhellenic Council have both a fall and spring recruitment process. Although every organization participates in spring recruitment, unless denied by AU, sororities have the option of participating in fall recruitment. This fall, three organizations are recruiting: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Kappa, and Sigma Delta Tau. Only students with at least twelve credits from AU can rush, or try to join, a sorority.

Fall and spring recruitment aren’t exactly the same process either. Fall is referred to as ‘informal recruitment,’ while spring is ‘formal recruitment.’ Fall recruitment involves going to a sorority’s meet & greet events and getting to know the girls. It is very relaxed and a much less intense process than formal spring recruitment. If you fit well, you’ll get a bid from them!

But what’s a bid? I equate the process to applying for college. You send in your application, the college chooses to accept or reject you, then you choose if you actually want to go there. This is much like recruitment because you ‘apply’ by going to the events and introducing yourself, they ‘accept’ you by giving you a bid, then you choose to accept the bid and join or not. Remember, there is no commitment until you accept that bid; just go meet everyone!

Now, how do you get a bid? A lot of students think it’s about seeming ‘cool’ to the sorority, but that is simply a myth. Just be yourself! Sororities are looking to find out who you are, and they aren’t there to judge you. Similarly, not getting a bid doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it just means you’d probably fit better in a different group.

In my experience so far, all the girls have been friendly and welcoming. Don’t listen to the ‘sorority girl’ stereotypes; I didn’t think I was the ‘type’ to be in a sorority, but I’m loving the process and really excited to hopefully become part of great group of girls. 

If you’re interested in rushing this fall, my best advice would be to reach out soon and often. Fall recruitment has already begun, but there is still time. DM the groups on Instagram or email a sister. They will be happy to answer any questions and tell you how to get involved. Even if you’re already rushing, do not hesitate to reach out to the groups you’re most interested in and learn as much as you can. The girls will notice and appreciate your interest!

If you don’t get a bid this fall, don’t worry! You can participate in recruitment this spring, starting in January. However, if you accept a bid, you cannot choose to drop and rush again in the spring.

AU has multiple resources to help you understand Greek Life better as well on their website which includes email, phone, and in-person ways to get more information.