Fun Activities to Do with Your Friends - That Don't Involve Going to a Bar

Drinking is a huge part of college culture as a way for students to let loose and release their inhibitions, but what do you do if the culture of frat parties isn’t for you? Here are a few crowd-pleasing activities to take the bar out of the weekend, so that all of your friends feel comfortable and have fun. 

Escape the Room: This activity is a way to challenge your brain and test your friend groups teamwork skills. Many rooms come in different themes, creating a new and exciting experience each time.

Night Monumenting: Seeing the famous monuments by moonlight may seem cliche, but it gives you one of the best views in the city. Walking around at night not only gets your group moving and exercising, but the city at night creates some great photo opportunities and potential Instagram posts. This is also a great option because it is completely free to all.

Movie Night (in or out): Watching a drama or a rom-com with a group, scarfing down snacks and enjoying a laugh together can be a fun way to make memories. Whether the movie is screened in a dorm room or movie theater, spending time watching a film together creates a great time without booze involved. Some of the coolest movie theaters include Cleveland Park, Landmark Bethesda Row and Mazza Gallery.

Comedy Clubs: Looking for a laugh? D.C.'s numerous comedy and improv clubs can serve as a fun backdrop for an evening out with the gang. Whether you chose to watch famous comedians like Michael Che or the next big star - these clubs create a fun artistic space to see wit and intelligence at work. A few of the best clubs include Underground Comedy D.C., Capital Laughs and D.C Improv Comedy Club.

Karaoke Clubs: Singing is a great way to blow off steam and be silly in front of your friends. If singing to the new Ariana Grande single or classic NSYNC song is your favorite thing to do, make your next night out a musical one. Karaoke bars are all throughout the D.C. area - but those that have received the highest reviews include District Karaoke and Kostume Karaoke.

Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center: For groups with a diverse love of the arts, the Kennedy Center Millennium stage has something for you. With performances including dance, poetry slams, choirs and chamber orchestras, the Center provides a diverse artistic experience for all. Hosted in the foyer and great hall of the Kennedy Center, the entertainment occurs daily free of charge.

So next Friday night it might be time to take a chance, try something new and dump the drinks.

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