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Four Instagram Accounts to Brighten Up Your Feed

Often filled with photoshopped images, fun nights out with friends and vacations that look too good to be true, it is no wonder that multiple studies have shown that Instagram exacerbates feelings of loneliness, missing out, depression and isolation.

With Instagram being a frequently used app, it is important that you follow these four Instagram pages to fill your feed with positivity. 


Run by mental health counselor Faith Broussard Cade, @fleurdelisspeaks is an account that posts daily affirmations written on small, torn pieces of paper. With these torn pieces of paper being compared to the imperfections of life, Cade provides viewers with words that speak to everyone, with topics ranging from self-care to self-love. This account is sure to remind you that you matter.


There are more quotes on the streets than you realize. @Streetwritings has daily posts featuring quotes from people’s walks down the streets. These quotes appear on the sides of buildings, signs outside of stores and on billboards for all to see. By following this account, you too can share the same sense of happiness that those who see these signs in-person experience when they pass by.


With over 475 posts, @selfcareisanecessity_  features the work of many artists who spread messages of positivity. In each post, there are typically 10 quotes featured with credit given to a multitude of different self-care Instagram pages. By reading both the quotes and following the pages that originally posted them, you are sure to find something that speaks to you.


@Mirrorsreflectyou showcases mirrors with quotes pasted on them. These quotes serve as validating statements for all who read them. With a new post each day, this account adds a sense of self-worth to your Instagram feed.

If Instagram is something you are going to be spending hours scrolling through each day, it is important to consider following these accounts in order to add more positivity to your feed.

Gabrielle (she/her/hers) is a sophomore at American University majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish. She has been a writer since Fall 2020 and is the publishing director for our print magazine for Fall 2021. In her free time, she enjoys working with children and supporting diverse learners.
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