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When looking in my closet this year I noticed a trend in my hoodies/shirts - they are all the same. There wasn’t anything that made them unique but they all pictured a book cover or made character references to popular books. To expand my ever-growing fandom apparel collection, I found some shops that are aesthetically pleasing in their clothing selection and offer something other than bookmarks to help you rep your favorite book series. 

[bf_image id="8j8qthf5sztgqh2xvrpcsb8g"]  #5 Seeker and Slade 

Lovers of Harry Potter rejoice. If you love Harry Potter but would rather not constantly wear a shirt with your Hogwarts house on it, or just don’t want to support J.K. Rowling, Seeker and Slade is the place for you. Each shirt and/or sweatshirt have a unique design to them. Ranging from designs of your favorite character to symbols that pertain to the books, these subtle designs make it easy for you to pair with any type of outfit. Seeker and Slade also sell stickers and keychains.  

 #4 Sarah Michelle Co. 

Sarah Michelle Co. is the perfect shop if you’re looking for what to get your bookworm friend or a gift for yourself.  Not only does this shop sell the usual fandom shirts and hoodies, but it also sells items from your home and bath products. These bath products consist of bath bombs and soaps, along with stickers and other prints. Notably, each bath product is not tested on animals. Every Thursday at 6 pm CST they release new items, give them a look! 

[bf_image id="fw8q2hkqczj3xfc7m94nprj"]

 #3 OliviaHoneydukeDes

For those who love books and candles, OliviaHoneydukeDes is the place for you. Each candle is handmade and even the label gives vibes of your favorite book character. My favorite candle that I have bought from this shop was their lovers’ duo Elizbeth and Darcy candles inspired by “Pride and Prejudice”. These scents perfectly encompassed the book characters. OliviaHoneydukeDes also announced that they soon will be releasing a candle based on “A Court of Thorns and Roses”.

#2 The Common Room

While the Common room does mostly focus on designs based on Harry Potter, hence the name, they have recently expanded their designs for other book series. However, what makes The Common Room unique is because their clothing is named after different book characters. Some of these are shirts, like  “Finnick” for a character in the “Hunger Games” to one called “ Meg March flannel” for the eldest daughter in “Little Women”. Furthermore, this shop doesn’t just have shirts but pants, dresses, and other accessories. The Common Room either releases new items or restocks some of their popular items every Tuesday at 5:00 MST.

[bf_image id="hwxng37pr55mhpjkx2jpmfz"]

 #1 Adeladie’s Fort

Similar to the format of the Common Room there are some articles of clothing that are named after book characters, but they also have shirts and hoodies that are original designs as well. These designs range from ones inspired by “Pride and Prejudice” to “Twilight”. From a shirt that has Mr. Dracy’s whole letter on it to one with a Forks Highschool graphic, this shop has a large variety of fandoms to choose from. Even if you are not looking for clothes, they also have motel keychains that connect with your favorite book and even classic movies.

[bf_image id="r52ctmsv9xk4smxk73tvfngs"]

These five shops are something that every bibliophilia will love. Plus all of these shops are women-owned and are a good way to support small businesses. Not only are these great shops to show your love for your favorite book series, but offer the perfect gift for the booklover in your life. So take a look and see a magical new gift for either you or another fellow bookworm.

Simi Singh

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Simi is a sophomore at American University and the events director for HerCampusAu. She is currently studying CLEG and her pronouns are she/her/hers. Originally born in Weirton West Virginia she spent most of her life in Pittsburgh PA. When she's not reading at one of D.C's many coffeeshops she can also be found taking pictures of the different monuments. Simi is very passionate about talking about women of color in media, politics, and the arts.
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