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Five Black-Owned Lingerie Brands You Should Support

Victoria’s Secret dominates the lingerie business, but in recent years the company has come under fire for its problematic cultures and its lack of diversity. The New York Times found last year that over 30 models and other employees have experienced a culture of misogyny and harassment while working under the watch of two male top executives, and Black employees have complained about racism behind the scenes.

Many small intimates businesses have focused their values more on inclusive, diverse and safe environments, and while exploitative companies like Victoria’s Secret are still sitting at the top of the industry, consumers’ eyes are looking at more ethical brands to shop from.

It’s important to support Black-owned businesses in order to strengthen Black communities and promote diversity while helping to dismantle a capitalist system built on racism. Here are five outstanding Black-owned lingerie businesses to buy from next time you want to treat yourself.

Love, Vera

Love, Vera works primarily with Black talent across all fields and hires Black models to support and promote diversity in the industry. They also have a significant curvy section that features plus-sized Black models wearing gorgeous intimates. As Love, Vera proclaims on their website, “Black women make things cool, but remain outsiders to leadership and business opportunities in fashion. Love, Vera is going to change that.”


Undnae is a small business owned by Rondalanae, a Black woman whose motto is “be you and own your sexy.” This brand was established in 2018 as a sustainable, hand-made brand that creates loungewear out of 100% organic cotton. Undnae also features Black models of all different body types for all of their products.


D.blue.dazzled is owned by a lifelong designer, Destiney Bleu, who has a passion for fashion and creating crystallized lingerie. According to her website, she “aims to bridge the stage to the street so that every woman feels as though she’s a superstar and believes ‘Shine Never Goes Out Of Style.'”

D.bleu.dazzled has been worn by artists such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and the company as a whole is a great Black-owned business to support if you’re going for a shiny new look.

Nude Barre

Nude Barre focuses on the issue of companies only selling “nude” lingerie that caters to white people and light skin colors. Erin Carpenter has openly voiced concerns about her experiences with having to dye and paint hoisery to match her skin, and she established her brand in 2009 to create undergarmets that meet the high demand for a diversity in color. Nude Barre recognizes the way Black women are often excluded from brands’ nude collections and creates high-quality pieces that match a wide variety of skin colors and tones.

Anya Lust

Anya Lust is another Black-owned brand that makes luxury lingerie. Created in 2015, Anya Lust is an online brand that sells intimates made by a variety of diverse designers and showed off on models of all races. Their airy message focuses on developing sensuality in their customers’ lives, encouraging women in particular to “live passionately, love deeply, and be open to exploring new things.”

Next time you want to invest in some new intimates, make sure you check out these Black-owned businesses and show them your support!

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