Finding the Right Job in College

Whether the money your parents are giving you each month for meals isn’t cutting it or you’re paying for your own tuition, it can be great to have a job during college. Personally, I worked all through high school and was eager to get a job when I got to school. But it can be difficult to find a job that you enjoy, that gives you the wage you’re looking for and that you can easily get to from campus. I didn’t want a desk job and I didn’t have a Federal Work Study, so I had to figure out on my own where to work. If you're in a similar sitation or having trouble landing a job, here are some of the best jobs for college students and resourceful websites that I found in my own searches.


Babysitting can be a surprisingly high paying position. Parents want responsible people to be looking after their children, so if you can deal with finding hours of kids activities to keep three-year-olds entertained, then this can be a great gig. It’s not always as easy as it seems and it can be draining, but it's oftentimes a great source of income.


Who doesn’t love coffee? Many cafes have long hours which could give you the chance to work a flexible schedule. Although the tips are usually limited, if you’re looking to make a bit of extra money and learn how to make a mean latté, then being a barista might be for you.


We’ve all heard the horror stories about retail with long boring hours, annoying customers and having to refold the same shirt for the hundredth time. If you find a store you really like with coworkers you enjoy being around, however, retail can be a great job. Plus the $13.25 an hour minimum wage in D.C. isn’t too shabby. I work as a bookseller and while the eight-hour shifts can drag on, I make pretty good money and I’d take stacking the new bestsellers over sitting at a reception desk any day.

Dog Walker

With new apps like Wag! you can find people in your area who need you to take their pooch out for a lap around the block and they pay surprisingly well. Dog walking can be a great way to get outside and get some fresh air while making some extra cash. Plus you get to hang out with dogs, you can’t beat that.


Tips, tips, tips! If you need a good late-night job or can only work weekends, lots of restaurants love to hire students to work late shifts. While those shifts are oftentimes the most stressful, they’re also the busiest meaning you get a ton of tips. When I waitressed, I could make over $300 on a really good night and who doesn’t love to make a quick $300 just for bringing people food.


Put your education to the test! There are plenty of tutoring agencies looking for college students to help elementary, middle, and high schoolers in all subjects. Most parents will pay good money to get a French tutor for their kid and if you’re interested in teaching this could be a great resume builder.

Here are some websites that'll help you find the best fit. allows for employers all over the country to post job opportunities. You can upload your resume to the cite and apply to many jobs through the website. I’ve gotten multiple jobs through Indeed and I highly recommend it. Search your area code and the job you’re interested in to find a job near you!  is a great website to find babysitting/nannying jobs. I’ve used the site before and it’s connected me with families that I’ve had great experiences with. You can create a free profile and search for families whose needs fit your schedule.

QuadJobs was designed for college students and helps you find jobs around your school. Many of them are in relation to colleges and can be a great way for you to network or find jobs relating to your field of study that look great on a resume.

So regardless of why you want to get a job, these choices are all great for busy college students looking to get some extra income. Even if you feel like you’re so busy with school there’s no way you can fit a job into your schedule, there are many jobs that allow you to make your own schedule. So get out there and start your job search!


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