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Finals Prep: 5 Ways To Stay Focused

To quad or not to quad? That is the question of the semester. With the sun strongly shining down on this campus, it is sickening to even think about taking final exams. Spring finals are debatably much harder to study for than fall finals because of the inviting warm weather and the varied activities taking place on the quad (life-size soccer ball on the quad a couple of weeks ago, anyone?) Even though we would all prefer to run down to the National Mall and lay on the grass surrounding the Washington Monument, we have to stay focused and buckle down for the remaining weeks. How do you stay focused, you may ask? It’s simple! Follow these tips, and you will be golden.

1)   Separate yourself: I know. Sitting alone in the library or finding a quiet place to yourself may feel daunting and unnecessary BUT it is key to succeeding in your finals. You have to isolate yourself for bits of time to decompress and organize yourself. Take an hour a two a day to yourself, and you will definitely feel a difference in your studying and organization.

2)   Organize: Are you using a planner? If you’re not, I highly recommend investing in one. Check out the times for your exams and write them into your planner. Color code each subject so that you can distinguish the exams from each other. Also, use your planner to plan study times, coffee breaks, naps, lunches with friends, and most importantly, sleep.

3)   SLEEP: Should you pull an all-nighter during finals week you ask? DON’T! I know it may seem difficult and unavoidable, but it actually is! If you are pulling constant all-nighters, maybe you need to take a look at your planner to see how you’re organizing your time. Studying late in the library is one thing. Slaving away at work that should have been done weeks ago and watching the sunrise is another. Make sure you are getting a consistent amount of sleep during these next few weeks, it will definitely help you with studying and exam taking.

4)   Meet with your professors: The one thing that all professors are assuming during this time of year, is that their students are not studying as much as they should be. They assume that you’re sitting out there on the quad, soaking up the sun, and could care less about the upcoming exam. Prove them wrong. Go in and meet with him or her! Sitting down and meeting with your professor with questions and problems to go over will show your dedication to the course!

5)   TAKE BREAKS! There is no way to get through these next few weeks without taking breaks. Schedule times in your planner to meet up with friends for lunch or coffee. It will help you to stay focused!

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