Fashion Trends: Spring 2019

Even though winter has only begun spring is right around the corner! That means a new wardrobe to go with the new season. Runway wear is expensive and being in college can be tough money wise. Luckily, there are dupes for the runway and similar pieces for less. To get you in the mindset of perfect warm weather, here are a few trends to keep you thinking about the warm months ahead. 

Polka dots 

Polka dots scream fun and flirty. They are so versatile and turn any boring outfit into a look ready for class. Most times, the polka dots are white and black which makes it a perfect staple in your wardrobe to dress up or down. 

                                                                                                             (Carolina Herrera)

Here is a black and white polka dot dress from Forever 21. The model is wearing a pair of white boots but this look can easily be paired with sneakers! 

Pale Blue 

This color is great for people who don't usually have color in their wardrobe. It is a subtle pop of color that screams spring and sophistication.


Here is a simpler version of this color trend from Urban Outfitters (on sale too). It is an effortless throw on shirt that can be paired with just about anything from jeans to a skirt. 

Zebra Print 

For the people who are more bold try this print to stand out from the crowd. Cheetah print is so last year, zebra print is at the top of the food chain now! 


This skirt is a sly way of rocking the runway for less! Since the skirt has a limited color palette the possibilities are endless with this skirt from Urban Outfitters. Keeping it bold: a neon shirt would be compliment this monchromatic shirt.    

Tie Dye 

If Kaia Gerber can rock tie dye, so can you. This vibrant look takes you back to the 70s. 


This trends allows you to be comfy casual while still on trend! Tie dye comes in all different colors which can work with any skin tone. ​Most stores have a tie dye section. If you don't see a style or color you like, try looking in the men's section. Try this green ASOS pullover.  

If you want to find similar clothing but still want to be "green" read this Her Campus American Article to help you buy fashion brands who are sustainable. To get more ideas on spring fashion trends read this Cosmopolitan article! 

Remember fashion is a great way of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Try something new this spring who knows what you'll like. 


(Image Credit: 12345678