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Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing Bill Nye

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

As you may know, the Kennedy Political Union, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Women in Science are preparing to welcome a distinguished celebrity guest to American University’s Bender Arena next month. On February 9, Bill Nye will be giving a presentation to students and guests who were lucky enough to score a ticket to the event.

If you weren’t able to get a ticket, dry your tears because HCAU has some exciting news for you: KPU will be releasing more tickets on Monday, January 25 at 8:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 7:30 PM here

Nye is known to most millennials for his Disney Channel show that aired from 1993-1998, Bill Nye the Science Guy.  

However, there are a few other facts about Bill Nye you should know before you see him live.

First, Nye was born right here in Washington, D.C., attending Sidwell Friends School before going on to Cornell University.  

His family life was deeply affected by his father’s experience as a Japanese prisoner of war in World War II, PBS confirms. Nye has a daughter, Charity, and he was also married very briefly in 2006 to musician Blair Tindall.    

Today, Bill Nye is raising awareness about climate change. Nye not only believes that climate change is real, but also knows that human activity is responsible for the rapid acceleration of climate change in the last century. He calls on citizens to take action in their everyday lives to help slow down climate change by taking public transportation to work, for example.  

Cornell University news reports that Bill Nye was also on the team that was responsible for sending sundials to Mars. These sundials are attached to the solar panels on rovers that were sent to the planet. Here, Nye discuss how his father provided inspiration for the project in the TED talk below.  

On a lighter note, according to PBS, Nye holds a patent for an improved ballet slipper. The Atlantic Magazine reports that the slipper was made to provide more support for the dancer’s toe; specifically for those who tend to dance on their toes, also known as “en pointe.” 

Nye also appeared on the 17th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2013, ultimately being voted off the show due to a performance gone wrong due to a knee injury.  

February 9 is just around the corner!


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Shannon is the former Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus American University. She is a Psychology major and is also a senior on the varsity swim team.