An Event to Remember: NY College Fashion Week

Last weekend marked the one of Her Campus’ biggest events of the year, New York College Fashion Week. As part of a collaboration with Primark, the event debuted Primark’s fall fashion collection, showcased entirely by fashionable young college students. 

Attendees were welcomed into the venue with adorable goodie bags and were free to wander around the stations set up prior to the fashion show. The stations showcased a series of products and fun activities for viewers to participate in, including a make your own bouquet in a box station, a station where you could print your own graphic t-shirts, and tons of photo opportunities! 

Our personal favorite was the Venmo snow globe, a transparent igloo-shaped tent filled to the brim with confetti. In the snow globe, they helped you create 3 boomerangs which were so much fun to make. The minute you enter, industrial fans blow the confetti in all different directions, hence the name "snow globe." Honestly, we're still pulling pieces of confetti out of our hair. 

However, the fun didn’t stop there. The fashion show had some incredible pieces that left us wanting to go on a Primark shopping binge. The collegiate models showed off their stunning looks as they strutted with confidence, giving the audience an experience full of glitz and glamor.

Our favorite theme from the shows collection was 90’s grunge, which featured stunning jackets, scarves, and leather. The killer outfits were all put together from the Primark fall collection. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the collection:


Primark’s collection also left us marveling at some of the more subtle designs that were a part of their “monochrome” theme, which featured classic shades of gray and brown that are definitely beloved fall staples. There was a multitude of fluffy hats, booties and our personal favorite, scarves! The sweater dress also made several appearances, getting us ready for colder weather. The subtlety of the colors did not stop the models from having a little fun, and they all paused and did something different as they walked the runway, showing off the collection.

All in all, New York College Fashion Week was a magical event, and our only regret is that it didn’t last longer. And in case you were wondering, yes, we did get a New York style pizza after. 

Photos taken by: Riddhi Setty and Allesandra Plourde