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The Essential Collegiette Shoe Guide

Whether it’s for style, for comfort, or simply because walking barefoot isn’t always practical, shoes are one of the most important pieces of a wardrobe. Wearing great ones makes you walk more confidently, and there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable or self-conscious all day because of making a bad footwear choice. This being said, not everyone has the paycheck or the closet space for a massive shoe collection, so here are the essentials:


Converse are at the top of the list for quite a few reasons. They’re comfortable— even though they sometimes take a few weeks to break in, once they are molded to the exact shape of the foot, there’s nothing better than putting on a trusty pair of converse. They’re stylish too— their classic look can pair with anything from a skirt and blouse to a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. What’s more, their rubber soles block out rain and even some snow, and provide traction on unstable ground


Easy to put on and kick off, flip-flops are the ultimate symbol of summer. They are versatile and can be worn with any— or every— casual outfit. Their openness is a benefit too; your feet are unconstricted enough to feel warm breezes blow between you toes.


Every girl needs a good pair of heels. They needn’t be the finest Italian stilettos, but it’s great to see what a simple high-heeled shoe can do when dressing up a bit— in addition to the height boost. Be especially thoughtful when buying heels to make sure they are comfortable enough to wear all night and sturdy enough that you can walk in them gracefully.


Whether they’re short ankle booties, mid-length combat boots, tall riding boots, or even thigh-high statement boots, this footwear adds a touch of sophistication and more than a touch of style. The fact that they come in so many different styles (as opposed to the limited varieties of flip-flops and Converse) will make you stand out from the crowd. Added bonus: in the winter months your ankles need not see the light of day— or the bite of cold temperatures.


Speaking of cold temperatures, nothing is worse than coming home on a chilly day, kicking off a pair of shoes and lounging about, only to discover that your feet are numb from the winter air. But in comes the superhero of the hour: the fuzzy, furry, or fluffy friend who keeps your toes toasty as you sip hot chocolate curled up in a blanket with your favorite book.


Useful for anything from going for a run to running errands, sneakers are a comfy, no hassle footwear. I always bring a pair on vacation, as they provide a great way to explore nature, get in a quick workout, or stay sane through a long day on my feet.


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