Emma Spaide '19




Major: International Relations

Hometown:Warminster, Pennsylvania (near Philly)

Favorite place in D.C: The National Mall because it is a great place to get artsy pictures for Instagram

Fun fact: Can solve all six sides of a Rubix Cube (not in a crazy fast 20 seconds though)

Top go-to songs: "Drop in the Ocean" by Ron Pope and "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

Activities at AU: Works at the information desk in MGC, a new member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, is an AU Ambassador, and is part of College Diabetes Network

The Dav or Starbucks: Starbucks

Favorite chick flick: John Tucker Must Die

Emojii that best describes her: The crying hysterically face because I find so many things funny even if they are simple knock knock jokes. I'll laugh at just about anything.

Next concert is going to: Coldplay because it is their last tour and they have been such an incredible band for almost twenty years now.

Coffee or tea: Coffee

3 things she can't live without: My phone, dogs, and family

Favorite clothing item/accessory: Bracelets-you can never have enough and you can mix and match them and they'll still look good.


Photo credits go to the cutie.