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Election Week: How You Can Help Us Win

With only seven days till the most consequential election of our lives, it is important that we all are as involved as we can be. We as young people have a responsibility to make sure that all our friends are making calls, voting, and understand why this election is so essential to our lives. Not only are Biden/Harris running on the presidential ticket, but several candidates who support progressive policies such as better healthcare, climate change policy, and advocating for BIPOC communities are running too. Ten years from now, people will be asking: what did you do in the 2020 election? Therefore,  we must be doing as much as we can to ensure that we have positive responses. Below are ways that you can help ensure that these candidates and Biden win their races so close to Election Day.

Educate Your Friends on How to Vote

An easy way to find how to vote is to visit at iwillvote.com to learn where your closest polling location is. Furthermore, you can check if you are registered to vote, some states having same day registration at the polls. For those who are concerned about the safety measures at polls, you can also request your vote by mail ballot on this website.

Make Calls for Down Ballot Candidates

SwingLeft a national organization dedicated to flipping states blue, offers links to phonebank in swing states this election cycle. Swing states are states that could flip blue in this election cycle, helping flip the house and senate as well. SwingLeft also offers phonebank training for those who have never made calls before.

Track Your Ballot

Each Secretary of State should have voting guidelines on their website, along with steps to vote early and vote on election day. In addition they also should have an option to track your ballot. Most of these websites will include an option to track your ballot, and if you have received it recently they will recommend that you drop it off at a dropbox.

Stay Updated on Polling Data

We cannot expect the polls this far away from an election to be accurate, but they do offer some idea to how we can expect states to turnout. Some good websites to check are the Washington Post, New York Times, and FiveThirtyEight

Make an Election Day Self Care Plan
Max Oetelaar

Despite how the results turn out on Tuesday, it will not be because any of us could have done more. We have all worked tirelessly in this election cycle, and I would suggest creating a plan to self care based on either result we get. Some tips I have are taking a bath, listening to calming music, and only checking the polls every hour. 

When Election Day arrives, it is important to take deep breaths and remember that while this election is important, the result is not an end all be all. Even if we do not win the presidency, there are still many ways to restrict Trump through winning local races and Congress. But with a week left, we cannot lose hope and still must be working as hard as can this week to ensure the result we want. Stay safe and let’s win in 2020!

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Aaditi Narayanan is a CLEG and Data Science in Political Science major at American University. She is very involved with Massachusetts politics and helps progressive democratic candidates get elected. Her hobbies include watching New Girl and baking!
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