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Editor’s Blog: Why I Love Her Campus

Whether it be for the female-powered activism, the campus news, or the creative freedom; all of our editors love writing and editing for HerCampus. This online magazine gives us so many opportunities to put together content with more freedom than many other other campus media organizations


Section Editor: Kathryn Malone 

1. Free Reign to Write About Whatever – Within Reason

At HC, the writers have a lot of influence on the topics that they chose to right about. Whether it’s current events or a strong help opinion that you’ve been harboring for awhile, your editors will help you turn it into a story. 


2. Opportunities to Grow

Through HC American, I secured a spot doing news writing for the national brand and worked my way up from contributing writer to section editor for American. They are always pushing you to succeed and will help you get there every step of the way. 

3. It’s an Easy Way to Build Your Professional Network 

There are so many talented, successful people in HC. By joining and attending weekly meetings, I’ve been able to hear about awesome opportunities and connect with students pursuing their goals. 

4. It’s Helped Me Become a Better Writer

Having a hands-on editor at HC has taught me to look out for mistakes in my writing. This has bled into my academic life, and I can confidently say that my writing is improving with each article that I submit. 

5. It’s Just…Fun!

Weekly meetings don’t feel like a chore when you’re surrounded by a group of charismatic and inspiring people. You can choose your level of commitment so it never feels overwhelming, and the community you build is ready to support you whenever you face a writing roadblock. 


Samantha Boyd

1. You get to have your thoughts and opinions published!

The first time I saw an article that I had actually written published live on our website, I couldn’t believe it. As a first-semester freshman, it was so exciting for me to be able to voice my thoughts to such a public audience, especially being so new to AU. Even now after being in Her Campus for over two years, I still get excited every time an article of mine is put on the site. There’s no better feeling than knowing your thoughts and opinions matter, and will be read by your fellow friends and students.

2. You get to be around other #girlbosses 

The group of women involved with Her Campus inspire me so much. Everyone is truly a #girlboss in their own way, and I love being around people like this every single week. They say that you’re a reflection of who you spend your time with, so why not spend it with some of the badass women on campus? 


3. You can improve your writing and editing skills

I always considered myself to be a strong writer, but going back now and reading my first few articles, I can see how far I’ve come. As a writer, I was able to get weekly feedback from my editor, which helped me to refine my writing style and improve on any personal weaknesses. As an editor, I was able to improve not only my proofreading skills, but also my own writing in the process, since seeing other people’s strengths and mistakes helped me to incorporate that into my own articles. 

4. Free food! Free merch!

What’s better than free stuff? Whether it’s the occasional food supplied at a meeting or a box of goodies in a survival kit, joining Her Campus means getting your share of free things. 

5. You can feel more connected to the AU community

By being involved in a student media organization, I definitely feel more connected to the campus community. Whether it was interviewing one of our Women of the Year last year, writing about an issue affecting students on campus, or just getting to know my fellow Her Campus members, I feel like a part of something bigger by being able to share my thoughts on this platform.


Managing Editor: Meghan Howie

1. You have the freedom to research and cover whatever issue you want to.

Unlike most other media organization, with HerCampus I can write about whatever I’m interested in from week to week. Right now, I’m writing a series of articles on GYST days because I’m looking into different ways I can focus on self-improvement every week. I can share what I’m learning about with a bigger community here! Other writers talked about sexual assault and other feminist issues last semester, but we’re absolutely open to most pitches!

2. You can really make an impact on campus.

Last semester we were able to see an initiative that was a couple semesters in the making come to fruition. The tampons that are available for free in MGC and SIS were a result of HerCampus members working with our administration to provide this service to people who need it. This sort of campus involvement allows us to act on the feminist values we seem to share as strong women ourselves.

3. You get free food and other goodies!!

Being a college student, I’m absolutely not immune to free things. With food at some pitch meetings and our survival kits every couple months, writers definitely get free beauty products, food, and school supplies. This is definitely a perk!

4. You’re connected to a larger community of empowered women.

Through the legacy of HerCampus, you can be connected to alumni and even other current writers doing amazing things. American’s alumni work in all sorts of news organizations, including National Geographic. These connections are amazing for those looking at a daunting future.

5. You improve your writing every week.

Although I’m an editor now and I do a bit less writing each week, I’ve learned so much about different aspects of putting together content efficiently. My first few semesters were full of the older girlbosses going over my writing with a fine-toothed comb to help me improve. As a journalism major, I have definitely loved this opportunity to go through the writing process over and over while writing about things I love.

Section Editor: Isabel Turi

1) You can make new friends

As a scared, intimidated freshman, first semester was hard. The HerCampus community gave me an automatic connection to new friends. All of my fellow #girlbosses are so charismatic, encouraging, and so fun to spend time with.

2) You are surrounded by a group of empowered women

Participating in an all-women’s media staff creates a support system like no other. Being a part of the vast network of HerCampus organizations nationwide is extremely empowering. Women-led organizations are the future!

3) You get to see your work in a real publication

If you love writing or are interested in journalism, seeing your articles published online is the best feeling ever. It’s so rewarding to see your hard work pay off and to see that real people are reading your articles!

4) You have the freedom to write what you want, when you want

At HerCampus, you have the opportunity to write about whatever you want! Whether your article is a silly list of your favorite fall outfits, or a serious commentary about sexism in the workplace, your writing is appreciated and accepted. You can also choose to write weekly or bi-weekly, which allows you to contribute based on your schedule.

5) You have the ability to inspire others

Writing for HerCampus gives you a public platform to truly make a difference. You can discuss topics that are important to you and make a large impact on your readers.

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