Editors' Blog: Stand-Out Articles from Spring 2020

To wrap up the Spring 2020 semester, myself, EIC Hannah and Section Editors Carly and Christina are paying tribute to our fabulous writers. Each of us has selected an article from one of our own writers that we believe stands out among so many other well-written works published on Her Campus American. We couldn’t be more proud of these ladies and we look forward to seeing much more from them in upcoming semesters.

  1. Concert photography of Rex Orange County

    Not only is freshman Sophie Macaluso a strong writer, but she is a brilliant photographer as well. Specializing in covering live performances, her concert reviews are packed with energy and vibrant descriptions. Her photography paired with this brings the show to life for readers. Sophie is extremely skilled at capturing moments when performers are doused in colorful lights and surrounded by elated fans. Her writing and photography skills brought a unique and incredibly engaging element to Her Campus American this year and, as her editor, I look forward to seeing much more of her work.--Peyton Bigora

  2. Box and pads

    While I don’t have my own section of writers, I read each and every article published to Her Campus American and this semester we had an insane quantity of extraordinary articles. One of my favorites was written by the dynamic duo Phoebe Damsky and Hannah Richards, two wonderful members of our HCAU community. This article touches on the issue of the high pricing of menstrual products. Not only does this article analyze the national issue, but urges American University and our Student Government to develop a sustainable plan to increase accessibility to menstrual products on campus. HCAU’s mission is to provide our writers with a powerful platform to express issues important to our community– Phoebe and Hannah exemplify our mission wonderfully. --Hannah Andress

  3. camcorder on blue background

    The impacts of media representation is a topic near and dear to my heart and Carol Wright absolutely killed it with this one. Representation is often considered mainly in regard to the onscreen actors, but diversity behind the camera is just as important. This article highlights the significant stride that women have made in the field of directing and how diverse story tellers are needed to tell diverse stories. Carol consistently has her finger on the pop-culture pulse and works to spotlight women and artists of color. Check out more of her work both with Her Campus and as the editor in chief of her own online magazine, Nyota--Carly Elkins

  4. couple

    One of my writers this semester, Emma Semaan, made a very memorable impression on me with her ambition and passion to start a column with Her Campus at American entitled “Modern Affairs”. The first article in this series, “Finding Myself in Love”, is probably my favorite article published this past semester. It tells a beautiful story of how crazy falling in love can be, especially in college. Emma articulates every word in this story with delicacy which then creates an amazing visual for readers. She also confronts the struggle of balancing identities and really portrays how difficult discovering yourself can be. I can’t wait to see what Emma does next with us and I’m eager to read more content from her! --Christina McAlister

Though it is bitter sweet that this semester is coming to an end and we can't properly congratulate all these incredible writers, we are so excited to move forward with a new Editorial Board and continue creating Summer 2020 content. But more than anything, Hannah, Christina and I are going to really miss recently graduated senior Carly Elkins as we have all been writing this Editors' Blog together since January. We wish you the best of luck to Carly and all of the HCAU graduates.