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‘Spooky season’ is now coming to an end. We’re already missing the smell of pumpkin spice in the air and are ready to share our favorite fall activities with you! 

  1. Pumpkin patches

As soon as the weather turns cool, I love to spend as much time outside doing my fall favorites which includes going to pumpkin patches with friends. Going to pumpkin patches reminds me of my childhood and my home back in the Midwest; they have corn and cows. 

The pumpkin patch I visited this year with my friends was Sharp’s at Waterford Farm in Brookville, Maryland. They offer hayrides to the pumpkins, a petting zoo area for people to feed animals and areas to cook out and enjoy the day. 

Pumpkin patches are a way to get away from the city and enjoy the fresh air. They often include areas where they sell my favorite autumn sweets including pumpkin pies and apple cider donuts. Everyone should visit a pumpkin patch because they give you a chance to enjoy the weather and a taste of nostalgia. 

-Gianna Matassa

Original photo by Gianna Matassa
  1. Watching a scary movie 

One of my favorite feelings in the world is coming inside after a chilly fall day, to bundle up in a blanket and watch a scary movie. Although I love scary movies all year, there is something special about watching them when halloween is just around the corner. 

To fully enjoy the movie, I always need a candle, the softest blanket I can find, a movie buddy and fall snacks, like my aunt’s famous pumpkin cookies. 

In my personal opinion, ‘The Shining’ is the best scary movie (and movie, period) to watch regardless of the season. The movie follows the character Jack and his journey into isolation and madness, which sounds pretty familiar in our present world. 

If you aren’t into scary movies, halloween classics will always do. The Adams Family, Hocus Pocus, and Halloweentown are just a few of my best recommendations. Whatever you decide to watch, I hope it makes you feel warm, cozy and ready for Halloween, just like it does for me. 

-Karlee Zolman 

  1. Enjoying fall treats

With fall comes the opportunity to indulge in a whole slew of seasonal desserts and treats! One of my favorite things about fall is the chance to enjoy all of the pumpkin, apple and cinnamon flavors.

Depaul’s Urban Farm in Vienna, Virginia, has some amazing fall treats. From apple cider donuts to homemade poptarts to kettle corn, the urban farm sells all your sweet tooth desires. Take a trip to explore the garden center and farm market – only a 30 minute drive from Washington, D.C.

If you aren’t up for an adventure, Trader Joe’s in Glover Park sells an assortment of fall goodies that buyers wait for all year long. Try their famous butternut squash mac and cheese or a classic pumpkin roll to put you in the mood for the fall season!

My favorite part about enjoying a fall treat is having a fall drink to wash it down with! You can’t go wrong with a pumpkin spice latte, but my personal choice of drink is apple cider. Hot or iced, apple cider is the best part of the fall season.

-Kaitlyn Newport

eboard fall activities
Original photo by Kaitlyn Newport
  1. Spending time outside

Fall signifies the end of the hot and humid season of summer. While summer is fun in its own right, the ability to dress up in the best fall outfits, spend long afternoons outside without being sweaty and time outside is my favorite part of fall. I’ve never been someone who indulges in scary movies or Halloween but I do love being in nature.

Fall is the perfect time to explore those farmers markets or hiking trails that you couldn’t in the summer. I recommend a picnic blanket and some food while sitting outside on a fall afternoon to take in the last rays of sunlight before winter shortens the days. However you choose to spend your fall, don’t forget to take some time outside and enjoy the changing colors, scenery and perfectly temperate weather.  

-Grace Musilli 

Eboard Fall Activities
Original photo by Grace Musilli
Gianna is currently a senior at American University in Washington, D.C., and is majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at American University. Gianna enjoys writing about Women's Advocacy, Politics and Pop Culture. She also loves to travel and find hole-in-the-wall restaurants in D.C.
Karlee Zolman

American '24

Karlee (she/her) is a fourth year student at American University, majoring in Journalism. This is Karlee's third year writing for Her Campus and first year as AU's print co-editor. In her free time, Karlee enjoys writing, dancing and going to concerts in DC!
Kaitlyn Newport

American '24

Kaitlyn is a junior at American University majoring in journalism and political science. She enjoys creative writing, photography, and reading, and she is passionate about mental health and women's rights. Kaitlyn is a section editor and contributing writer for HCAU and currently living in D.C.
Grace Musilli

American '23

Grace Musilli is a senior at American University majoring in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG). She is also part of Politics, Policy, and Law (PPL), a three year scholars program, as well as the School of Public Affairs Leadership program. Grace is passionate about education equality and justice among other issues like women's' rights and the environment. She is currently a section editor and writer for HCAU and located in Washington D.C.