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Editors’ Blog: Highlighting our Favorite Articles from our Writers this Semester

This semester was a challenging one for our writers, they started the semester online then had to transition back to in-person once again while balancing writing for HCAU, and for that, they deserve some recognition. This month HCAU’s executive board is highlighting some of our favorite articles for the semester.

Ellie Blanchard

I have been beyond impressed with so many articles our executive board has written this semester. But one that really caught my attention was our breaking news editor’s, Ellie Blanchard, article “Panel Discussion Celebrates Success of Black Women in Media.” 

While this particular story isn’t breaking news, an official breaking news team was new to Her Campus American this past year, and Blanchard has completely stepped up to the plate. She has edited countless articles this past semester and yet still had time to, not only cover this event, but cover it flawlessly.

Blanchard’s article was coverage of another American University student media publication, The Blackprint, and their Black Women in Media Panel. It was an event Her Campus American was asked to sponsor and attended. Blanchard volunteered to cover it. 

Her article covers, not only the event itself, but the history of The Blackprint, their mission as a media organization and some of the advice these ten incredible women had to give.

“‘If you want to be part of the conversation,’ said Daniels, ‘everything you do should be done with thought and to push the conversation forward.’ Otherwise’, she said, ‘know when to step out of the spotlight and let a community heal or celebrate.’” Blanchard quoted from one of the panelists in her article.

Blanchard’s article continuously rings of community and empowerment.

Her Campus American is an organization that strives to create a safe and inclusive platform for all college journalists and writers. Partnering with The Blackprint and seeing their success was an incredible opportunity to connect with other women in the media. Blanchard’s article is the perfect time capsule for this incredible event.

-Peyton Bigora

Grace Musilli

Although all of my writers have written amazing articles this semester, the article I felt stood out the most to me was Grace Musilli’s article, “The Debate Surrounding Law Banning Trans Women in Sports.” 

There has been an emergence of new laws banning trans women in sports because it is considered an “unfair advantage,” however, Musilli takes the time to discuss all aspects of the debate and the benefits of trans women using sports as an outlet. 

“Another argument that people forget is the wealth of disadvantages trans athletes encounter. Often, the attention is focused on the inequity of cisgendered athletes but in reality, there are experiences that disproportionately affect trans people,” Musilli wrote. “Transgender kids suffer from higher rates of bullying, anxiety, and depression than their cisgender counterparts. This makes it extremely difficult to live life let alone compete in sports. Also, trans kids face higher rates of homelessness and poverty due to familial rejection.”

Musilli does a great job at researching the entire debate and gives a thorough understanding of the topic. She has done an amazing job all semester and I can’t wait to see what topic she tackles next! 

-Gianna Matassa

Abigail Pritchard

All of my writers are extremely impressive and every day I learn something new from my writers, however, my favorite article of the semester by far would be Abigail Pritchard’s, “Bridgerton Season Two: A Slow Burn Romance That Continues to Strive for Diversity.” 

My love for this article, although partially sparked by a love for the show “Bridgerton” itself, also comes from the analysis of the cultural impact the show has. Pritchard discusses the diversity of the show and the increase in acknowledgment of color compared to season one. A prominent set of characters in the season, the Sharma family, is Indian and there is an acknowledgment of this as opposed to the prior season which was extremely diverse but simply ignored this diversity. However, Pritchard acknowledges that despite this improvement there is still a sense that the show is color-blind because ethnicity has little to do with the plot. 

Pritchard also discusses the feminism of Elouise the rebellious younger sister in the Bridgerton family. In season one Elouise’s defiance seemed more self-centered and quite lazy but this new season shows she’s beginning to become more adventurous in her rebellion. 

Abigail does an excellent job critiquing “Bridgerton” while still acknowledging its successes. Pritchard writes, “Bridgerton season two is not perfect. Neither was season one. Nevertheless, I firmly believe there is value and fun to be found in its stories for anyone who likes a bit of drama, romance, history and humor.”

This article was a wonderful criticism of the themes and messages of the new season while still having a fun lighthearted tone.

-Jordyn Habib

morgan leifsen

Every week I am so impressed with my writer’s articles, but an article that stood out to me was Morgan Leifsen’s article, “Hijab VS. Balaclava: France’s ban based in xenophobia, misogyny, and Islamophobia”

Over the past five years, France has proposed numerous laws limiting and even banning Muslim individuals from wearing their religious garments in public, with the growing popularity of the balaclava, the hypocrisy and appropriation of the fashion industry and France must be addressed. 

Leifsen effectively highlights this by stating, “While Muslim women can be fined or detained for wearing something sacred to their identity, white men and women can walk the runway with something eerily similar and be called a fashion icon for doing so, garnering tons of praise and recognition from people around the world.” 

Leifsen continues to emphasize how this directly affects the Muslim people of France, “This is extremely problematic for a number of reasons. France has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe, and therefore this effects a large majority of her citizenry”. 

Leifsen does an amazing job at highlighting how harmful France’s hijab ban is, while the balaclava is a rising fashion trend. Her articles are a must-read and I highly recommend checking them out!

-Mackenzie Riley

We are so impressed by all of our writers this semester and with each piece they have written, they have embodied the meaning of Her Campus. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Peyton is a student at American University in Washington, D.C. and is HCAU's Editor in Chief. Majoring in journalism and double minoring in political science and creative writing, Peyton intends on graduating in May 2022. Peyton's goal is to write for a major news organization as a print or online journalist. She also wants to continue traveling, exploring and writing about her experiences. To learn more about her and her work, visit https://peytonbigora.wixsite.com/website .
Gianna is currently a junior at American University in Washington, D.C., and is majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. She is the managing editor of Her Campus at American University. Gianna enjoys writing about Women's Advocacy, Politics and Pop Culture. She also loves to travel and find hole-in-the-wall restaurants in D.C.
Jordyn Habib

American '24

Jordyn is in her second year at American University double majoring in CLEG and Arab World Studies. She writes about anything in terms of politics, DC news and history, as well as pop culture. She is also a section editor for Her Campus and involved with American's high school model UN conference.
Mackenzie Riley

American '23

Mackenzie is a sophomore at American University studying SIS with a minor in Spanish. She loves writing poetry and exploring Washington DC in her free time, discovering new hidden gems. She enjoys writing about environmental sustainability, campus safety, and self care!
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