Editor's Blog: Fall Favorites


In case you haven't heard from Starbucks: it's fall. The weather is finally starting to realize there has been a change in season and the Her Campus American editors are pumped. To celebrate the sun crossing the celestial equator, we're revealing our fall favorites (spoiler: they're spicy). 

Editor in Chief : Shannon Exley 

1. Markoff's Haunted Forest

I went with my team last year, and we just went again last week! This forest is located in Maryland, and is about a 45-minute drive from AU.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I had never been in a haunted forest until last year, but I think it is an amazing way to get into the spirit of the season.  Growing up, my mom took Halloween very seriously.  On October 1st our decorations are all up, and pumpkin-carving took multiple days in my house.  Markoff's is the place to be in October.  But be warned, the forest lasts 20+ minutes and is not for those who are scared easily.

2. Using Spooky Decorations to Scare My Roommate

My mom sends me a Halloween care package each year, and I was not surprised when I received some fake black birds last year.  This year, I teamed up with one of my roommates to scare our other one using the bird.  We perched the bird on top of her room divider, and she proceeded to spend 20 minutes trying to get the bird out of the apartment the next day, thinking it was a real bird.  Next, we hid the bird in the shower, and in her dresser to scare her.  

Managing Editor: Tori Dickson

1. Apples 

Apples are good year round but there is something especially wonderful about biting into a crisp, fresh apple in autumn. They always remind me of the changing season and come in so many varieties - mild Galas, tart Fujis, and sweet Honey Crisps just to name a few. All the sweet treats baked with apples are also delectable. The whole house (or apartment) becomes a cozy autumn paradise when it is enveloped in apples, cinnamon, and warmth from the oven.

2. Harvest Festivals 

Fall is definitely a time for foodies. Something about it getting a little chillier makes everyone feel a little more open to standing outside and taking a taste of what the autumn harvest has to offer. Sometimes this comes in the form of actual fall farmers’ fairs with pumpkins and squash (like Mount Vernon’s Fall Harvest.) It could also be renaissance festival, Taste of DC, or any of the other activities that require some fresh air and good company.

Section Editor: Fiona Caufield 

1. Sweater Weather

Nothing is cozier than putting on a warm to keep the brisk autumn air at bay. The smell of the wool, the way it retains your body heat, and the convenience of throwing on a pullover make sweater weather so special.

2. Spices

There's something about the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves that captures all the best things fall has to offer. Maybe it's because they usually go with yummy things like apple cider and pumpkin scones...maybe it's that they're almost always accompanied by good friends and lots of laughs...but whatever it is, it's warm and beautiful.

Section Editor: Meghan Howie 

1. Leaves

My favorite thing about fall by far is crunching through leaves in the cool morning air walking across the quad to class. They bring a warmth to campus as they fall and give a great excuse to get all bundled up in sweaters and scarves.


2. Drinks 

I'd have to say my second favorite is all the hot drinks. I'm not going to limit myself to the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte. I love hot tea or coffee in the morning while it's cold outside.


3. Nights In

Nights in with my roommates have become one of my favorite fall things. Coming back to school is stressful with classwork, but pizza and a good Disney movie is just what all of us need some nights.

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