Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Busy College Students

This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday, lying right in the middle of a busy school week and making it difficult to throw together any sort of extravagant, last-minute costume. But never fear, this doesn't mean you can’t show off your creativity! Here are a few ideas for quick Halloween costumes you can pull straight from your closet to make it look like you tried more than you actually did.


1. Unicorn


For this costume I pulled out all of the sparkly, pink and purple, faux fur fabrics I could find in my closet and put them together. The only thing that really took some time with this look was the horn, which was made with some computer paper, glitter, and a headband. To amp up the look I did a lot of glittery makeup and bold colors. Nothing screams "unicorn" like highlighter!

2. Cheetah Cheetah print has been making a comeback this fall season and if you have some in your closet already, this is a super quick costume. Whether you have a cheetah dress, skirt, or top, it doesn't matter--just pair it with a cute nose and whiskers and you can suddenly be transformed into a jungle cat!

3. Minnie Mouse Any combination of red and polka dots will work to recreate this Minnie Mouse look. I placed a black with white polka dress under this red wrap top to make mine! Luckily I had these ears to pair with this costume but I think even without them people will get the picture, or you can make your own with this quick and easy DIY! You could also add a cute black nose to this costume, too.


4. Winnie the Pooh

Going along with the Disney theme, I created this Winnie the Pooh look using the same wrap top over a mustard color dress. Winnie’s iconic red crop top is easy to find in your own closet and mustard/gold tones are especially easy to find during the fall time. I put my hair in two little buns to try to mimic the ears. If you own a little Winnie stuffed animal I think it would be cute to carry it around as a mini version! You could also create a jar of honey for the full look.

5. Pumpkin This look is probably this most simplistic out of all of them. For this look I pair an orange bodycon sweater dress with a green scrunchy to become a pumpkin. This look is perfect for a Halloween party where maybe not everyone is dressed up, or if you have class on Wednesday and you still want to be festive! If you want to make the look a little more intense, you could add some Jack-O-Lantern makeup.


Everyone always has such large ambitions for spooky season, but realistically us college students don’t always have the time or money to go hard with our costumes. Hopefully, simply by looking creatively at the things you already have in your own closet you'll still be able to create a head-turning costume for this year's Halloween festivities. But no matter what, make sure to stay safe and have fun! 


Images by Julia Cronin (1, 2, 3), Hannah Fisher (4,5) and Sophia Madden(6)