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Regarded as one of Washington, D.C.’s hidden gems, Dupont Underground is a non profit community arts organization with a twist. For nearly a century, the underground venue was a part of Washington’s streetcar network, carrying Washingtonians all around the city. When plans for a metro system started coming into place, the station was shut down and abandoned. 


The tunnels were reopened to the public by the founders of Dupont Underground in 2016, and the space has been used to host art exhibitions ever since. The organization strives to become a space in which communities throughout the city can come together, whether for a comedy night, concert, or an all-ages Halloween party. 

Dupont Underground is proud to be hosting the World Press Photo Exhibition for its third year in Washington, D.C. Originally started in Amsterdam, World Press Photo has created this powerful exhibition showcasing award winning press photos and photographers of the year. The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage people to learn about, discuss, and engage with global current events. 

“It causes people to realize that everything is in shades of grey, that it’s not a black and white issue, and you can’t be right or wrong,” explains Dupont Underground’s CEO, Robert Mein. “The power of this exhibition is that people start to understand that.”

This December, Dupont Underground will need to earn a government grant in order to continue its programming. Otherwise, the space will be shut down once more and Dupont Underground will be dismantled. With continued visitor support, the city can see its potential for providing a lasting legacy for cultural expression at the heart of Dupont Circle. 

Dupont Underground is almost entirely made up of volunteers. Students, young professionals, and other members of the DC community have come together to preserve this space and help it grow to become a cherished venue for the arts. Interested in getting involved? Contact volunteers@dupontunderground.org for more details. 

Looking to support the work of Dupont Underground even further? Learn more at www.dupontunderground.org/donate.

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Denise Rogozin

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Denise is currently majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication at American University. Denise was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from writing for HerCampus, she loves music and is a frequent visitor of DC's art scene.