Dressing for Spring's Unpredictability

The months between March and May are the most confusing when it comes to fashion. Most of the below freezing nights are behind us, but there are still occasional chilly days and nights. Spring is here, but how can you still dress fashionably while still wearing clothes that are weather appropriate on those colder days?

The answer to that question is layers. Layering multiple pieces with a lighter jacket will allow you to stay warm, but it gives you the option of taking off your outer layers if you find yourself on the warmer side. Possible outfit options for Spring outfits include: sneakers, booties, jeans, leather jackets, fur vests or coats (faux), scarves, light weight sweaters, t-shirts, floppy hats, etc. These items are lightweight and can help keep you warm, but can easily be removed. Below are three outfit combinations that utilize layers and are perfect for unpredictable weather during those crazy spring months.

Outfit 1: Scarf with a lightweight jacket

This outfit is the perfect example of how to dress for this unpredictable weather we find ourselves faced with these days. Consider pairing a scarf with a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a lightweight jacket. These pieces will prevent you from getting cold, but at the same time can shed your layers to turn the outfit into a classic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers look if it warms up during the day.

Outfit 2: Leather and fur

This outfit is agreat nighttime look for colder weather because these layers are a bit thicker. An infinity scarf is a great addition to a leather jacket and a fur jacket and can easily be removed if the weather warms up. These statement pieces plus a studded clutch purse paired with dark jeans and embellished flat shoes are bound to keep you warm when the sun goes down. Again, any one of these pieces of clothing can removed if the weather changes; this type of outfit can keep you covered up enough to stay warm while looking chic at the same time.

Outfit 3: Flannel and boots

This outfit has more of a hipster, boho-chic feel to it. Flannels are the key to keeping you warm in the Spring, and a great alternative to your heavy winter sweaters. A leather jacket, black jeans, and oversized scarf are just one way to add simple accessories to this outfit that can still keep you warm. Boots and a floppy hat help to keep the head and feet warm; a beanie is also a comfortable alternative especially for colder weather. As the weather warms up, you are able remove your leather jacket and sweater to keep your outfit weather appropriate.

With mother nature’s unpredictability, layering is the key to maintaining your style without sacrificing practicality. Having an oversized handbag or a backpack is always helpful during this time of year because you can always put your hat, scarf, or whatever item you chose not to wear in the bag. 


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