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Doja Cat Takes to the “Streets” in her New Music Video

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Grammy nominated, rapper, singer and pop culture icon of the past two years, Doja Cat, is now back with her music video for “Streets”.  

This song, originally released as a part of her 2019 Hot Pink album, recently went viral on the popular video app TikTok where users film their sultry silhouettes to the beat drop at the beginning of the hook. 

The video opens to a taxi driver stalled in traffic as he looks over to a storefront window seeing Doja herself, posing like a mannequin in campish black attire. The song begins with a sample from Paul Anka’s classic, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, that breaks to an intense and reverberating drop, reflective of Doja’s change in attire to a sparkling lingerie ensemble. 

Then in honor of the viral TikTok trend, we see Doja’s sensual shadow dancing in the display case bathed in red light. 

Shifting location to the scene of a car wreckage, Doja is seen scantily clad atop a burning vehicle, serenading her audience with a sultry timbre that is not typical of the bubbly rapper. Rain pours down in the dimly lit setting, only illuminating Doja in the occasional blinding floodlight, adding to the dusky aura of the video. 

The 25-year-old musician continues to seduce male figures appearing around her with lurid dancing, now sporting an iconic grungy ginger wig. 

close-up of black spider

Moving to the best known section of the song, the rapping portion, Doja is featured crawling up the side of a building, resembling a spider closing in on her male prey caught in a web of string. With arresting lyrics such as, “And it’s hard to keep my cool, When other b**ches tryna get with my dude and, When other chickens tryna get in my coop, ‘Cause you’re a one in a million, There ain’t no man like you.” 

Doja puts her fans in a trance like the man she is calling out to. 

The camera then pans to a city skyline where we see a dim red billboard with, once again, Doja’s bewitching silhouette dancing to a repeat of the opening verse. 

The music video closes by returning to the taxi driver from the introduction. He snaps back to reality when we see that he is driving the real Doja Cat who says, “I have somewhere to be.” He glances one last time to the store window to realize that the mannequin was inanimate all along, suggesting that this music video was a mere fantasy.

Considering this song was first released two years ago, the video has amassed an overwhelming amount of attention, with the MV earning almost 9 million views in one day of being posted. 

If this isn’t a sign to show Doja Cat your attention then I don’t know what is. Check out “Streets” available on all streaming platforms and give this groundbreaking female artist the awareness that she deserves.


Isabel Thompson

American '23

Isabel Thompson is an undergraduate student at American University studying International Relations. She is involved with HerCampus American as well as the American University Chamber Singers. She enjoys journalism, Korean pop music, cute stationary, iced coffee, and studying languages.