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Diverse, Inclusive, and Dazzling: DC Fashion Week Had It All

Welcome to DC Fashion Week 2018! Last spring we saw a mix of casual and couture find its way to the nation’s capital. This year, we’re bringing you another recap of the influential designers who are glitzing up the fall. 

This season’s captivating runway shows focused on emerging and international designs. What made this show so unique was its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, two factors that have put a spotlight on DC’s exceptional presentation of this season’s latest trends. From upcoming designers to those who have already made their mark, founder Ean Williams believes that there is a place for everyone at DC Fashion Week.

Featured below are a few of the designers who showcased their talent on the runway this weekend. See if you can spy some of their looks around the capital!

Ean Williams

As a founder of DC Fashion Week and prominent designer himself, Ean Williams is set out to bring diversity to the city’s fashion community. Exhibited by his latest collection for the 29th showcase, it is evident that he is on a mission to bring international fashion to the capital and transform the way we view style.

Williams was one of the few designers in DC to feature plus-sized models in his first show, paving the road for inclusivity in the fashion world. This year, he not only featured models of all sizes and ethnicities, but designers from all over the world as well, which is a huge step in breaking through the fashion industry’s exclusive beauty standards.

Williams’ line, Corjor International, is inspired by his sons and cultivates the idea that every individual should be celebrated. Williams believes that fashion has the power to transform an individual and strives to create influential and powerful designs. He also finds his inspiration from looks at the Met Gala and the Oscars – which is clear from the elegant and decadent gowns shown below. As this year’s biggest sponsor, Sprite was a source of inspiration for Williams when it comes to the beautiful dark green colors seen on the runway. 

Sierra Mitchell

From one coast to another, designer Sierra Mitchell takes a daring leap by bringing her flamboyant, colorful, and eye-popping West Coast styles to the nation’s capital. Straight from the Golden State, designer Sierra Mitchell aspires to bring a different flair to DC.

With every handmade piece, she aims to transcend street style into clothing that shines and grabs the audience’s eye. Working from scratch, Sierra Mitchell builds her designs straight onto the model, with every girl coming in as a blank canvas. Hand tailored to fit any body, she creates pieces that make every woman feel her best.


What’s a better place to combine activism and fashion than in Washington, DC itself? Up and coming designer BJHNSN uses fashion as a medium to put forward a message and spark conversation, which is one of the unique aspects of DC Fashion Week. This season, his focus falls on Black Lives Matter, the “Me Too” Movement, the Flint water crisis, keeping families together, and anti-Trump work. When asked what inspires him most, BJHNSN states “I’m an activist before a fashion designer, and my main goal is to make a statement,” which is evident throughout his captivating work. BJHNSN isn’t afraid to create controversy with his designs and aspires to pursue activism in fashion full-time. 

This season at DC Fashion Week has been one of the most inclusive yet, proving that positive changes are being made in the fashion industry. It’s clear these designers are pushing social and sewing boundaries and we can’t wait to see what the next DC Fashion Week will bring!

All image credit goes to The Entrepreneurial Hippy

Victoria studies at American University with a major in PR and Strategic Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. She was born in Bulgaria but can also call Minneapolis home. Whenever she isn't writing for HC, you can find her doing yoga, traveling, or trying out a new restaurant. Victoria is passionate about environmental sustainability and is proud to be working with Rent the Runway as an ambassador.
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