David Curtiss '18

Name: David Curtiss

Age: 18

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Year: Freshman

Major: Justice & Law; Sociology

Dream job: Social psychologist influencing criminal justice reform

Extracurricular activities: I absolutely love performing arts. Anything with singing and acting, sign me up for it! I also really enjoy movies, books, swimming, writing, making funny videos, and bike riding. I’m also very active with my church’s youth group and service program.

What are you passionate about: I am passionate about education rights for children across the world, as well as defender’s rights in our justice system, and the proper reintegration back into the community once offenders return home.

Most likely to: Run into a door because he was distracted

If you could meet anyone famous alive or dead, who would it be: Martin Luther, the reformist

Pet peeve: When people step in front of you and then walk slow!

What is your favorite song right now: I’ve been really into instrumental, alternative tunes lately…so I would have to say my favorite song right now is "Sleeper" by Pray For Sound.

Favorite restaurant in DC: Mmm…native to DC? Ben’s Chili Bowl!

What do you love about AU: I love how accessible the professors are when you need help or guidance about literally anything

What do you miss about home: I’m from SoCal so it should be the obvious…the HEAT!