Daily Dress Me: This Website Gives You the Perfect Outfit for Any Weather

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Have you heard of the new website that tells you the perfect outfit to wear for any weather? When you log onto Daily Dress Me, you are able to enter your current location.  After doing this, Daily Dress Me not only tells you what the weather is going to be like for the next 5 days, but it also shows you an outfit that you could wear to fit the weather outside for each day.  This site was started by a recent college graduate, Nina Vir, to help make her morning routine a bit easier.


First of all, this website encourages users to wear a lot of neutrals and trench coats.  And while I'll admit that I personally love neutral colors, this isn't everyone's style.  But overall, the outfit ideas tend to be fairly classic, stylish, and trendy for a young professional.



Trench Coat Paradise

Next, let's talk trench coats.  I love the look of trench coats, but I don't personally own any.  Also, I can't say I know many college students who own many either.  Why is this? My guess is that it's because they can get pretty expensive, and college students have a lot of other expenses to worry about before thinking about buying a nice trench coat.  



The first question you have when logging onto this website is: okay, how much do all of these outfits cost though? Unfortunately this information is not listed on the website.  If you want to shop any of the outfits, the website instructs users to "take a screenshot and send it to [email protected]."  This process seems like it might be frustrating for interested shoppers who want to browse items and could easily be streamlined if outfit details were provided on the website itself.  From head to toe, these outfits look like they are composed of reliable and high quality pieces, which can often come at a price.  Our recommendation to Daily Dress Me: list the prices of the outfits below each one.

There's a Men's Site Too!

With a quick click, this website changes to a men's site! We will say that the men's version of this site seems to offer more of a mix of casual and more dressy outfits when compared with the women's site which seems to assume ladies want to put on a fairly nice outfit every day, which is not always the case.



Who is this Website Catering to?

These outfits are certainly not what college students would wear on a regular basis, but it also doesn't seem to be catering to young professionals who need to dress nice for work every day.  It seems as though Daily Dress Me is confused about who its intended audience is, and is trying to cater to too many people at once.  Our recommendation: provide more than one outfit idea per day.  Give users something that caters to a young professional, a college student, and someone who doesn't like to wear traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine clothing.  It's 2018.  Everyone has their own style.  If Daily Dress Me is going to accumulate more users, it needs to recognize that the outfit needs of young people vary significantly.


Photo Credit: DailyDressMe.com