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A Curly Girl’s Guide to Frizz-Free Hair

While everyone waits for the Summer months with haste, there is one visitor during the Summer months that girls with curly hair painfully dread. This unwelcome visitor comes in the form of humidity…AKA a curly girl’s worst nightmare. As Summer in the capital comes to a close the humidity is giving its last hurrah with levels being almost over 50% every single day…not exactly the type of weather for a curly girl’s hair to be thriving in. But never fear! Below you’ll find some great remedies with some amazing products and methods ready to control any frizz that needs to be fixed!


Products To Use

DevaCurl! DevaCurl is the reigning champion in all aspects for any girl looking to control her humidity-stricken hair. With its variety of products and mid-level prices, the company hits the mark on every product they release. Deva Curl revolutionized the curly hair market by producing products that are not silicone-based, but products based on formulas that are water-soluble. the water-soluble products mimic a silicon product, but do not give you the buildup and dry hair that silicon products can’t seem to stay away from. One product that tops them all is the DevaCurl Leave-in Decadence. The DevaCurl leave in Decadence product tops it all when looking for a leave-in conditioner that will not make your hair greasy, crunchy, or flat after a few days. 


Additional Products to Tame Frizz

A product that many curly girls live and swear by is a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are preferred when drying hair because of the gentle nature that regular bath towels cannot provide. While drying the hair scrunch it with a microfiber towel to remove any excess moisture, and continue to scrunch until the hair is dry enough that it is not dripping, but not too dry that you begin to inadvertently create self-made frizz! Also, if you do not feel like spending the money on a microfiber towel try an old cotton t-shirt! It will give you the same results and won’t break the bank!


Another product that will help dry the hair without frizz is a diffuser. Diffusers collect the hair into a bowl-shaped container and blow air through prongs that, as the curls sit on, naturally let the hair fall into a curl or wave. As the hair sits on the prongs and dries it turns into bouncy curls that will hold up all day. Many well-known companies such as Conair and Revlon sell their own versions of diffusers that connect to the end of most hairdryers with ease. Diffusers are easy to use and generally pretty quick when drying your hair, so if you ever need a quick fix to wet hair try out a diffuser!


How To Keep Your Curls Overnight 

One specific method that works overnight for many girls with curly hair is the pineapple method. It sounds crazy, but it totally works! To pineapple your hair all you need is a hairband or scrunchie (although a scrunchie will probably work best because they don’t dent the hair as easily). Take all of your hair and place it into a high ponytail on the top of your head. By placing the hair on the crown of your head overnight you eliminate rolling on, and eventually flattening, all of your curls. When you wake up in the morning take your hair down, and if needed spritz with a little water to bring back any fallen curls. After spritzing the water in your hair make sure to scrunch the curls back up and let them dry without too much tugging. Within the hour your curls should be dry and ready to go! 


A Little Reminder…

To any and all curly girls out there wishing that you had hair that is a little easier to deal with…don’t! Remember that having curly hair, while sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, is a gift! So, take it in stride and rock what ya got! 

Elaine Griffith

American '23

Elaine Griffith is a freshman at American University and is studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications. In high school Elaine was passionate about creative outlets such as designing, writing, and photography, and she plans to continue to use these hobbies in college. As a new student in the DC area Elaine loves exploring the city and is always on the hunt for the next adventure. In her spare time you can find Elaine going on a run to clear her mind, or having a dance party in her dorm with friends!
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