The Consumer War on Thanksgiving Spirit and How We Can End it

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, and ever since Americans have gathered together to give thanks. However, this holiday is struggling to stay afloat in the in deep waters of the Christmas spirit. There is a current war on Thanksgiving, and only the consumers can end it.

Thanksgiving traditions often include a big turkey at the table, the stuffing, the cornbread, fall colored leaves as decorations, and a big family sitting around spending time with one another. But if you fast forward, let's say 8 hours, you can see that family in line at the nearest Target about to trample other families in order to get the best sale item.

Black Friday is continuously creeping into the Thanksgiving spirit. 2016 had the highest sale numbers in the past 10 years with a total of $655.8 Billion spent, according to However, Thanksgiving isn’t supposed to be about the Christmas sales and greedy, materialistic shopping as it has been in recent years. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be thankful for all the positive things in life. People are supposed to gather with their loved ones, give thanks, and enjoy each other’s presence. However, Black Friday is cutting this time of love and thanks short, as stores are opening earlier and earlier. Some even staying open on Thanksgiving day. Families are rushing to get in line to get the best price on holiday gifts, instead of rushing to get the best piece of the turkey.

In addition, people do a complete 180 degree turn, going from giving thanks around the table, to beating up others in the checkout line. The Thanksgiving spirit is declining as people’s weekends are filled with violent shopping, and greed.

But don’t worry, Thanksgiving can still win this battle. All it needs is the help of the consumer. Together consumers can help bring the Thanksgiving spirit back into the homes of Americans by not shopping at all this Thanksgiving weekend, or at least not on Black Friday. They can spread thanks by donating to food pantries or winter clothing drives, staying in with their families, and going on hikes, watching movies, baking, and, of course eating the delicious leftovers!

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday that can often be overshadowed by the materialistic ritual of Black Friday and the over-commercialized Christmas spirit. So let’s bring back the Thanksgiving spirit, and celebrate the intangible things in our lives!

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