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College Life as Told by Andy Dwyer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, every semester tends to start off the same way. You have all this motivation to make this the best semester ever—you even color-coded your planner! But those plans are not turning out nearly as well as they did in your head… and you probably look something like Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation.

1. You showed up for school organized and ready to kill college.

2. But you realized this semester won’t be as easy as you thought. Your classes are impossible.

3. That early morning gym schedule you planned? So not happening.

4. And that healthy eating is not going as well as you hoped. 

5. Your parents are pressuring you to a) pick a “practical” major, or b) Find. a. job.

6. Just when you think you’re finding your way, naturally something screws your plans up.

7. So you hit a slump, and spend your days like this.

8. But you know what? That’s okay. We’re in college to figure out our lives, and a little mess is alright.

9. So, go out and have a good time with your friends, and don’t sweat that your life isn’t picture perfect. Just go out there and enjoy it!


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Monica is a freshman at American University and is studying for a B.A. in Journalism, and is still deciding what else she wants to do with her life. She's super excited to be a member of Her Campus American and experience college life. Right now her favorite things to do include exploring DC, dancing, reading fashion magazines and binge-watching television shows.