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Christmas Around The Quad, Day 3: School of Communication

So they may only be the ones in MGC, but the School of Communication has lot going for them. Their use of new media and journalism is a driving force, no matter what school you are in. From our Twitter to yours, rock around the digital tree with these songs inspired by the School of Communication! As always, tweet @HerCampusAU using the hashtag #AUplaylist for any recommendations you have!

Little Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is known for many things: his killer hair, romancing Selena and his ability to “Never Say Never.”  He has also had some very unlikely duet collaborations (no, not Mariah Yeater).  In this new, unique take on the classic Christmas song, Busta Rymes is Biebs’ newest collaborator.  Twitter even plays a starring role in Busta’s rap about the beginning of his and Justin’s beautiful friendship.

I Need a Silent Night by Amy Grant

We don’t think people in SOC ever have a “silent night.” There is always some news to be reported on or a Tweet that is blowing up your iPhone. So all you public comm, journalism, film and communication studies majors, shut off those phone and stop tweeting (scheduled tweets too!), just for one night. Then instantly share your thoughts through your various social media outlets about how you spent that silent night.

Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga

This underrated Gaga tune reminds us of the old days when Mother Monster (the queen of celebrity social media) was just another pop singer trying to get the world to “Just Dance.”  The song is full of sexual Christmas related innuendos.  When you are with your special someone trying to keep warm this winter, try using Gaga’s innuendos to spice things up.


I’m Gonna E-mail Santa by Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman was like the Justin Bieber of Nashville when he started way back in 2000. Now, well, he’ll never be like Bieber. Though it’s still cool to mail your letter to Santa (you’ll get hand writing practice and support the struggling Post Office!), e-mailing Santa was seen as the way of the future. We wouldn’t be surprised if people started tweeting their wish lists, as long as they were nice (and 140 characters or less)!

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