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Celebrity Spotlight on Kristin Cavallari: Reality TV Star Turned Successful Businesswoman

Kristin Cavallari strutted into our lives when she appeared on reality show Laguna Beach beginning in 2004. The show followed Cavallari and her friends through all of their high school drama. Kristin became known for her wild emotions, rebellious attitude, and California valley girl voice. Cavallari was quickly presented as the “bad guy” on the show, but viewers still felt sad when her boyfriend, high school senior Steven Colletti fell for fellow Californian, beach blond Lauren “LC” Conrad. 

Soon after, Lauren Conrad and some fellow cast members of Laguna were cast to star on a new show called The Hills. In this show, viewers saw the slightly older group take on new problems, relationships and jobs. We were all surprised, however, when Cavallari made her way onto the set of the show in the fifth season, and it seemed like she was back to her old ways. But once the series ended in 2010, fans geared up to see where Cavallari’s real life would take her.

Her life took her into the arms of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (32). Cutler pursued Cavallari while she was still on The Hills, but she didn’t take it him seriously because she thought one of his teammates was trying to pursue her as well. She later discovered that because Cutler’s nerves had gotten the best of him, his teammate volunteered to help set up a date with Cavallari. Kristin finally gave in and the two were engaged by April 2011. According to People Magazine, they ended up calling the engagement off, only to reconcile their issues shortly after. They were finally married in 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee following the birth of the their first child, a boy named Camden, in 2012.

Cavallari and Cutler had two more kids in the next two years: a son named Jaxon in 2014, and a daughter named Saylor in 2015. Soon after, Cavallari began to get more media attention for making the transition from reality show bad girl to loving wife and mother.

In the midst of several pregnancies, Cavallari set out to achieve her goals in the business world. She began to move full speed ahead into the fashion and jewelry business, teaming up with renowned shoe company Chinese Laundry to create her own line titled “Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry.” The line features trendy heels and booties that have many taking Cavallari quite seriously as a fashion designer. But that wasn’t all Kristin had in mind. Cavallari also teamed up with her close friend Chelsea Bulte to create Emerald Duv, a handmade jewelry line based in California, which showcases turquoise jewelry with gold accents.

Kristin Cavallari can now also add author to her resume because as of this month, you can find her book Balancing in Heels on bookstore shelves . Cavallari gives readers insights to her career thus far and explains how she has gotten to this point in her life. She also gives readers behind the scenes details about what really went down on the The Hills and Laguna Beach. Readers also learn that Cavallari takes nutrition and fitness very seriously, working extremely hard to getting her body back after having three children. 

Kristin Cavallari has really come full circle right in front of our eyes. She has grown from young rebellious reality TV star to successful businesswoman, wife and mother. She is a strong woman who has also had to cope with the death of her brother Mikey during the same time her daughter was born in November of 2015. Cavallari has certainly worked very hard to get to where she is today and is very deserving of a celebrity spotlight.


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