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Cedric Terrell: Incredible & Authentic Photography

What makes a good head shot? Is it a natural smile, good angles, not tipping your head to the side? All of those things are important, but sometimes to get an incredible head shot, you need an incredible head shot photographer. 

Good news ladies, AU has its very own, bonafide professional head shot photographer, and his name is Cedric Terrell.

A junior transfer student, Cedric is pursuing a marketing specialization in Kogod. If you book a shoot with him, he’ll help you market yourself, seriously. To say Cedric’s head shots are flattering would be the understatement of the century. Cedric captures his subjects' best features and the essence of their personalities, and he has fun at the same time. 

So, how did he become the talented photographer that he is today? Practice, perseverance and people skills. He started taking pictures as a child without any formal training or dark room experience. A few years down the road, Cedric joined the Marines and had the resources to start investing in photography. After training with one of the best head shot photographers in the industry, Cedric developed his craft and perfected his skills. 

While training helped Cedric improve his talent, there is something about the energy in his head shots that makes it clear that he has an uncanny ability to connect with people. Smiles are relaxed, faces are lit up and the photos have an overwhelming feeling of authenticity. 

In addition to head shots, Cedric also does lifestyle photography, engagement photos and fashion and beauty shoots. Cedric shoots with a Nikon D700 and finds his inspiration from people, nature and life in general. 

Cedric loves AU and the campus’s community feel. In upcoming months, he hopes to bring his photography to campus and work with more student organizations and provide them with head shots, content and more. In the past, he has worked with AU Vets, and he just did a head shot photo shoot with the AU Social Media Club executive board. 

In the future, Cedric hopes to develop a solid client base in the DC area, expand along the East Coast and run his own studio. With his talent, personality and experience, there is no doubt that Cedric will continue to expand his business and capture fantastic photographs. 

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