Campus Cutie: Kishori Turner

Her Campus American University: Tell us about your major and future career goals.

My major is business administration and I’m specializing in marketing. Right now I’m a consumer marketing intern at WeddingWire, so I probably want to do something along that route whether that be working on consumer brand campaigns, influencer marketing or experiential marketing. My dream job would probably be to work for a really cool tech company down the line and I eventually want to start my own business because I have all these entrepreneurial ideas.   

HCAU: What activities are you involved with on campus?

I’m a freshman resident assistant, I’m a consumer marketing intern at WeddingWire, I’ve been there for over a year and a half. I’m a barista at The Bridge Cafe, I am on Founders Week committee, I’m programming coordinator for that so it has been really fun planning that. I’m also vice president of communications for Delta Gamma, and started a vegan club on campus.

HCAU: What made you want to be an RA and what are your favorite parts of the job?

I had a really bad RA my freshman year and I definitely wanted to do exactly the opposite of what he did. I love connecting with people so for me having that interaction with freshman specifically who are looking for a mentor in that sense, it’s been really fun and I’ve genuinely enjoyed my time as an RA and helping out my freshman residents who have turned into friends!

HCAU: Tell us about your time in Delta Gamma.

I actually went through recruitment as a sophomore but I wish I went through sooner because it’s such a great time. But honestly, everything happens for a reason so I’m glad I had the opportunity to make those friends freshman year and then dive into it sophomore year. My time in Delta Gamma has been very fulfilling in the sense that my best friends are in Delta Gamma. I have a leadership position, I feel like I’m giving back to the sorority. It’s so much more than just the social aspect, I’ve made so many connections and had networking opportunities through it so I highly encourage everyone to join a sorority and be apart of the greater panhellenic community.

HCAU: Any advice to new pledges in sororities?

I would say just have fun! My new member process was such an awesome time, I met so many really cool girls through my member class, so take in every single moment and enjoy it because it goes by so fast.

HCAU: How do you manage all your extracurriculars and school?

I’ve always been this way my whole entire life. I'm very type A, I’m very organized and I feel more productive the busier I am, which is in a way counterintuitive, but I like having a lot of things on my plate because then I feel like I’m getting my stuff done.

HCAU: What are your favorite study spots on and off campus?

I'm biased, I love The Bridge, though sometimes it's a little hard to study there, The Bridge is a really fun spot. Off campus, there are a lot of cool coffee shops in Adams Morgan, there are a bunch of cool places that you can explore down there, Tryst is a fun one. But I love exploring new coffee shops I feel like that’s a fun thing to do and I also love finding new restaurants that are vegan-friendly so that's another favorite of mine as well.

HCAU: What do you like to do in the little free time you have?

I love napping and I love eating bagels and my residents can definitely attest to this. Bagels are such an odd food for someone to love so much. So those are probably my two things to do when I have a little time.

HCAU: How have your expectations and thoughts about college changed since being at AU?

My expectations about college have changed in the sense that I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into and I don’t think any freshman does. But I think AU has really shaped me as a person and I’ve grown a lot, especially as an individual. I think I’m very independent and also as an RA I live alone so I feel like a lot of things have changed being at AU over the course of three years and I guess I never would have expected where I am today three years ago.

HCAU: What has been your wonkiest memory at AU?

I guess my wonkiest moment was when I made it on the AU memes page. My bulletin board was pretty funny I guess so they took a picture of it. They took a picture of the snap chat photo and apparently you could scan it and it came up as the Dubai International Motor Show.

HCAU: What is the best piece of advise or quote you could give to another student?

As much as AU really focuses on interning and doing the absolute most in your four years I would definitely say it's totally great to do all that and try for that, but also it’s totally fine if you don’t graduate with two+ internships. There is a lot of pressure that AU has, especially being in D.C, but just genuinely enjoy your time in college and make the most out of your friendships because it goes by super fast.

All Images from Kishori's Instagram