Black-ish is Back: Here’s Why Season 6 is a Must-See

Fall T.V. season always brings great shows to binge while cuddling under a fluffy blanket and sipping hot chocolate. I always look forward to the feel-good t.v. of this time of year. Undoubtedly, though, what I’m looking forward to most is Black-ish.

Season six premiered on September 24th, and it was good. It had everything you’ve come to expect from this brilliant show: dark humor, impeccable acting, warm, fuzzy fam feels and of course, teachable moments. 

The interwoven education about being black in America is what makes this show so compelling. Yet, the show is pure entertainment, which is progressive in itself. On the other hand, the show’s ingenious creator, Kenya Barris, develops a show centered on a stable, upper middle-class black and mixed family and highlights the struggles that they and their ancestors have faced in this country. But it doesn’t feel like a boring history class—the lessons can easily appeal to everyone. 


This is important, because there are plenty of people who still choose not to enter into discussions about race in this country (or who choose to be on the wrong side of it). Black-ish uses comedy and, often, interesting Schoolhouse Rock-type animations to illustrate real issues in an accessible way. For its incredible Juneteenth episode, Black-ish even performed an original song and seamlessly wove a poignant drama into its timeless and witty comedy. This show knows what it’s doing, and it should be required viewing. Luckily, it’s so good that people will want to watch it anyway.

In the first episode, Pops introduces his new fiancé to the family—played by the hilarious Loretta Devine—and thus raises a new issue within the complicated father-son dynamic. We are gifted with more bizarrely funny Diane moments, a Migos dilemma and the first of many doctor jokes and fashion moments from Rainbow. Of course, Pops and Andre make up in the sweetest of scenes, and you finish the episode feeling refreshed and happy.


But the binge doesn’t end there. Mixed-ish is Barris’ new spinoff show, which also premiered this fall. Finally, Rainbow’s story about life after the cult-y commune gets told. And it’s bound to be as good as its parent show.


The next episode of Mixed-ish premiers on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m. on ABC and Hulu, followed by Black-ish at 9:30 p.m.


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