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Beth Weisbach ’16

Meet Beth Weisbach, a future disney princess whose hobbies include posting pictures of puppies on her friend’s Facebook walls and who made her first Her Campus American appearance in our April Fool’s Day article (check out number 5!).

Name: Beth Weisbach

Hometown: Bexley, Ohio

Major: Art history with a minor in marketing

What made you choose your major: Art is fun to look at and it sounded like it would make for good cocktail party conversations when I’m rich and famous

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Oslo, Norway and London, England

Dream travel destination: Australia or Thailand

Dream job: To travel the world!! Or work for Disney!

If you were a disney princess, which one would you be: Belle. Or Wendy. Or Anna or Tinkerbell, this question is too hard.

Favorite place in DC: National Gallery of Art

Favorite experience at AU: Quadding with Rebecca

What is your secret talent: I can sing opera!

Ideal date: April 25. Hehe actually it’s going somewhere exciting.

What’s the crazy thing you’ve ever done: I jumped off a cliff!

One item from your bucket list: Travel to every country

Elyse is currently a senior at American University studying foreign language and communications with a focus in Spanish and print journalism. She is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania and in her spare time she likes to do yoga, read, and binge-watch Netflix when she's supposed to be studying.
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