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The Best Ways to Get Your News

At times, the news can be overwhelming. It often feels like a million so-called important events are being thrown at you, and it’s expected that you are up to date and well-versed in all of them. More often than not, though, this is not the case. Your life is hectic enough as it is without having to keep up with what’s going on all over the world. But for one reason or another, at some point, you find yourself faced with the challenge of keeping up with the news and nowhere to start. Luckily, there are many easy ways to keep up-to-date that can fit right in with your day.  

While you can always rely on Twitter to keep you updated on what your friends and favorite celebrities are up to, it can also be an easy and effective way to stay up to date with news.

Most major news institutions have a Twitter account, which they use to tweet out articles. Even if you don’t actually read the articles, you still get the headlines on your feed. Some of the best and most reliable include The New York Times, Associated Press, and CNN Breaking News.

If you are interested in politics, following The White House or President Obama can help you stay updated, along with with your local senators. Science News is amazing for any science junkie, and World Economic Forum can keep you up to date with just what it says – economics around the world.

You might not really understand podcasts (really who does?), but they can be an excellent source for news.

If you like your day to be totally immersed in news, NPR Hourly News Summary is a great pick. Like the title suggests, they deliver five minutes of news every hour, every day. It’s easy to fit into your day since every podcast is quite short, and you can be sure you will be well-informed.

PBS NewsHour divides its hour long podcast into smaller titled sections, so you can pick which stories interest you.

If you prefer your accents British and your news global, BBC Global News is your best pick. With two installments, one morning and one evening, it combines segments from various BBC shows to give you the best updates possible.

By far the easiest and best way to stay updated comes in the form of a daily email. When you sign up for The Skimm, you receive a comprehensive news update in your inbox 5 days a week. It comes early in the morning, usually between 7 and 8, and is written conversationally, making it an easy read to begin your day.

No matter how you prefer to get your news, you can be sure some great way exists in this internet age of ours. Next time you find yourself questioning who that guy was that did that thing, try diving into the world of digital news, and you won’t be disappointed.  


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Hannah Zakrzewski, better known as Hannah Zak, is a sophomore History major with minors in Theater and Public Administration and Policy and a full time nasty woman. No, she does not know what she wants to do, and yes, she will find a job with a degree in History. Hannah is aggressively from New York, particularly from her hometown, Buffalo. She is passionate about Alexander Hamilton, theater and tv, politics, coffee, Tina Fey, The West Wing, and monograms. 
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