The Best Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day This Year

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a globally recognized day to celebrate women’s social, political, economic, and cultural achievements. According to the IWD’s website, this year it will be celebrated on March 8th, and it will be focusing on a call for action among participants.

Gloria Steinem, a world renowned feminist stated that “the story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” Therefore it is crucial for everyone to get involved in the collective efforts to further progress women’s rights. So, here is a list of ways you can you can celebrate International Women’s Day that are fun and about bring some change!

1. #PressforProgress

This year’s campaign theme is #PressforProgress. By using the hashtag to call out legislators or to spread the word, you are contributing to the International Women’s day message. In addition, sharing a message or another incredible woman’s story with the hashtag on social media will contribute to the community of women and collective feminist efforts. Social media can help us bring about change. By flooding all the platforms with #PressforProgress, we increase awareness and bring about change.

2. Go to events that support women!

If you are going to be in Washington D.C., there are some amazing feminist events occurring on and around International Women’s Day. FINCA Impact Finance, an organization that provides financial services to women all across the globe, is putting on a panel to discuss ways to close the gender gap. This event will take place on March 8th at 5:30 and will consist of three amazing panelists! There is also a women in the arts pop up gallery, store, and happy hour. It will take place at the L2 lounge March 8th. More details can be found here.

3. Hold a Galentine's Day themed event

If at work, school, or just a family event you can plan an IWD event by creating women empowerment programs. This can be simple such as recognizing a strong woman, or having a brunch with your closest gal pals. Celebrating amazing women and their achievements is the idea of IWD in action. So, go find your most amazing female role models/friends/family etc and do some women empowerment acts!

4. Watch, read, donate!

Some final, smaller things you can do to celebrate international Women’s Day is to watch feminist films. Appreciate women in the arts by watching a feminist movie, documentary, or TED talk! If movies are not your thing, maybe curl up on the couch with an awesome girl boss book. Read an awesome women empowerment book, a personal story, or just read about amazing women online. Lastly, you can donate to your local women’s charity, or national organizations such as the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood.

International Women’s day is about celebrating women for how amazing they are, but it's also about using this day as a platform for progress. So whatever you choose to do this year on March 8th, find a way to sneak appreciation for women into it.

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