Best Study Spots on Campus - Besides the Library

As finals season quickly approaches, it can be hard to find a single spot in Club Lib to cram for an Econ test or crank out a ten page paper. Here are some other prime spots on campus that you can bring your choice of caffeinated beverage and books to.

1. Anywhere in the SIS Building 

The SIS building offers many studying spots, from the patio tables to the couches on the first floor. If you happen to pull an all-nighter there, you can even grab a cup of coffee at the Dav. 

2. The Bridge

The Bridge, located on the second floor of MGC above Bender Gym, is another coffee shop on campus with cute couches and tables that make you feel like you’re on the set of Friends.

3. Roof Terrace of SOC

If the weather is permitting and you want just a bit of fresh air but still need the table space that quadding does not give you, head to SOC. On the third floor, there are a bunch of tables available for all your stressed-out studying needs.

4. Don Myers

Similar to SIS, Don Myers hosts a lot of couches and tables throughout the building. Pro Tip: if you’re there late at night, you can use a classroom and its whiteboards to map out ideas

5. Battelle Atrium 

Located on the first floor, the atrium within Battelle-Tompkins buildings is a hidden treasure. With nice daylight coming in from the windows providing some motivation, you should be able to ace whatever exam you’re studying for.

6. MGC

If you’re like me and like studying in more social areas, head to MGC. Whether you head to the tables by Freshii or the couches near Tavern, MGC offers a lot of space you can study and socialize at the same time in.

7. Starbucks 

Another coffee spot on campus which can be used as a study spot. If you’re a mega Starbucks fan buy your favorite macchiato and settle in there for a night of readings and flash cards.  


A personal favorite of mine, CLEAR is located on the bottom floor of Asbury building. CLEAR is home to the tutoring services for languages on campus and the comfiest spots to study in. Grab a chair or a beanbag on the floor and study!

9. Katzen

Katzen has many couches and tables towards the back of the building that many people are unaware of. Even sitting on the steps in the atrium for your studying needs is acceptable during finals season.

10. Dorm study lounges

If you’re feeling a little bit lazy and don’t wanna take the trek to any of the above spots, just settle in any lounge within you building. Perks of this include being close enough to your bed and snacks for when you give up.

Besides Club Lib, campus holds a lot of different areas which are suitable to all your finals season needs. What are some other places on campus that belong on this list? Whether or not you choose one of these places to hole up in and cram for an exam, good luck! 

(Photo Credits: Cover123456