The Best Recent Overheard at AU's

Overheard at AU has become a source of laughter at the university. The Facebook page, with submissions by and for AU wonks, contains things that people have overheard others say in and around campus. The page is known for seeing some outrageous quotes, so this is a list of recent gems from the page. Here are twenty relatable, funny, and generally outrageous things your fellow students might have said:

1. “Damn. Sunny days ALWAYS brings out all the couples. Like, PLEASE go back to your hole.” - A very single (and relatable) student outside SIS (Post by: Heidi Caisachana)

Whoever’s quadding experience got ruined with a little PDA- it happens. Even the couples want in on #quaddingszn.

2.“It’s not TDR unless you have the ever so slight urge to throw up afterwards." - TDR (Post by: Eric Perless)

Are you really an AU student if you haven’t worried a little bit about food poisoning after TDR breakfast?

3.“Bernie Sanders wasn’t as cute as Obama and neither of them combined are as hot as JFK.” - wonks in Tavern (Post by: Abbas Ispahany)

When you go to one of the most politically active colleges in the nation, these are the topics you really debate about.

4.*A Wonk driving past the Washington monument on way to Founders* “Look, it’s America’s dick!” (Post by: Eamon Martin)

If you don’t refer to the Washington Monument being extremely phallic, do you really go to school in D.C.?

5.“He’s gonna use her for her meal swipes" - Freshiis worker (Post by: Crissy Sak)

Every wonk’s true relationship fear.

6.“Go ahead and try to save the world in SIS, I’ll see you when I’m your boss!!” - Kogod (Post by: Michael Weidenbruch)

Just some good ol’ SIS/Kogod rivalry on campus.

7. “ Rome was built in a day, this paper will be done tonight.” - club lib (Post by: Zainab Mirza)

Keep this mantra in your head as finals season comes up.

8. “Jared Kushner and I now have the same security clearance.”- a true wonk in mgc (Post by: Julia Remy)

A hilltern wonk roasting Kushner in the slightest way.

9. “Go to hell.”- angry student who knelt down to the wonk cat and flipped it off (Post by: Andrew Laureti)

As someone who is also against seeing the wonk cat on my way to classes, I personally feel this one.

10. “Is this a community college?” - some kid on a tour (Post by: Jenna Noccioli)

Close enough?

11. Kid: "We should pregame TDR tonight." RA: "That is the darkest sentence I have ever heard." (Post by: Wayne A. Rodriquez)

TDR with the bros, a lot of wonks' dream I guess?

12. “No, I’m not in love with him. I’m in love with his level of education and his stable job.” - girl on shuttle (Post by: Susanna Strothman)

Perks of D.C. dating.

13. “How much of last night do you remember?” "I funneled a bottle of wine and then I woke up the next morning” - Two freshman in the lib (Post by: Robert Wines)

Someone’s wine Wednesday got a little too lit.

14. “Oh my god, are you really [in Kogod]? *ugh* We’ll discuss this later.” - Katzen (Post by: Jonathan Santoro)

So, are Kogod men really the worst?

15. “Are you the Wonk Bus? Cause you’re the only one I want hitting on me.” - AU Student on Tinder (Mulan Burgess)

Wonk pick up lines are the best types of pick up lines.

16. “Is it bad that I’m choosing the color of my shirt so that it doesn’t clash with my hickeys?” - Andy 4N (Post by: Andrew McMichael)

Apparently all the aesthetics of your outfit have to match- even a hickey.

17. “Sometimes I purposely leave food on the floor for the mice because I could really use a friend.” - Andy Terrace South (Post by: Madison Schultz)

Or your friendly neighborhood Anderson mice could be your next Remy from Ratatouille.


18. “I came into college a conservative wanting to be a nun and now I’m a bisexual socialist so I’ve done a 180.”- Breadsoda (Post by: Griffin Smyth)

They say college changes people.

19. “I keep getting worried I’m gonna end up on Overheard at AU again.” - Anderson (Post by: Tiger Mar)

The true fears of an AU Wonk.


These are just a selection of the many gems around campus people have overheard. What are your own personal favorites/standouts?


(Photo Credits: cover12345678)