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The Best Late Night Food Options in DC

It’s late at night. TDR and Tavern are long closed. You can feel your stomach growling.

But no need to worry—you don’t have to get Dominos again! No matter where you seem to have found your niche on campus, you will encounter the infamous late night munchies. After a long night on the town, cramming for an exam or just hanging out in your friend’s dorm room, you will want to know this list of nighttime dining options. So for all you new and curious freshmen, here are some of the hidden gems for all those late night cravings:

The Diner

Open 24/7 daily
2453 18th St., NW

Even if you aren’t of age to go to the bars in Adams Morgan, The Diner (owned by the same people as Tryst Coffeeshop and Open City) is an amazing 24/7 option. From burgers to eggs to grilled cheese, you can have it all and more.

Kramersbooks and Afterwords Café

Open Friday and Saturday 24 hours, Sunday through Thursday until 1:00 A.M.
1517 Connecticut Ave., NW

This Dupont Circle bookstore doubles as a hip, chill food and drink joint with everything from triple chocolate cake to seafood to ravioli. It’s definitely worth the trip even just to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Osman and Joe’s Steak & Egg Kitchen

Open 24/7 daily
4700 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Located in Tenleytown, this convenient 24/7 diner-esque hot spot is sure to be packed with AU students on any given Friday or Saturday night. Whether your late night cravings are for an M&M milkshake, eggs or a chicken sandwich, Steak & Egg should be your go to.

Amsterdam Falafelshop

Open Friday and Saturday until 4:00 A.M.
2425 18th St., NW

Amsterdam Falafel is another Adams Morgan hot-spot, other than the assortment of Jumbo Slice locations. It’s great because the menu is so simple – Israeli falafel and fries. Once you get your falafel, you can put as many toppings and sauces on it as you’d like!

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Open Friday and Saturday until 4:00 A.M.
1213 U St., NW

Ben’s is a local landmark to U St. Frequented by President Obama and Ella Fitzgerald, this popular dining option has only the best chili dogs and cheese fries. For you vegetarians, do not fret, there is also vegetarian chili!

Where do you like to eat late at night? Comment below!

Photo credit: http://thecityfix.com/files/2009/07/benschili.jpg

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