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The Best Iced Latte You Will Ever Have

Are you an iced latte fanatic? Are you looking for a new coffee shop to try out? Do you love a pleasing aesthetic with a good cup of joe? Then go to Dupont Circle and find your way to The Coffee Bar.

As an iced latte fanatic myself, I am always looking for a coffee shop to blow my taste buds away with their version of the “best” iced latte you will ever have. But take it from me, someone who lives and breathes iced lattes, The Coffee Bar’s version of an iced latte is actually the best and will quite literally set off an explosion of caffeinated goodness in your mouth.

The $4.09 you spend on this iced latte will be worth every penny. If iced lattes aren’t your go-to, no need to fret because The Coffee Bar has your caffeine addiction covered with various of other drinks to choose from.

Not only does The Coffee Bar have the best iced lattes, but it also welcomes anyone who walks in with a soothing and chill aesthetic every D.C. wanderer seeks in a coffee shop.

The history of The Coffee Shop provides an industrial theme as well, given that the building was built in 1880, they maintain a theme of reclaimed and recycled materials. So, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an iced latte in the midst of the stressful college life.


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