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The Beauty of a Bee Sting: Why Pain Can Be Something Wonderful

It took me forever to write. 

It was a speech for my public speaking class. I spent hours scrutinizing the script, practicing my tone of voice and polishing my smile over and over and over again to make it sound eloquent. 

My time came to present it during class. I did, thinking it went quite well. 

And then my professor told me to do the whole thing over again. Without the script. It could be better. 

My professor’s words penetrated into my consciousness, and I flinched. How could something I thought epitomized perfection and immense hard work be…criticized? Her words, that by all means were coming from a warm-hearted place, hurt me. 

They pricked me like a bee sting. Fast. Unexpected. Painful. 

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I had always been afraid of bee stings. I mean, who likes the idea of something hurting you? 

But then I took a deep breath. 

I looked into my computer’s camera and redid my speech. There were a few “ums” in there, my voice slightly shook, and the speech was anything but perfect. However, it sounded authentic. It sounded the way it was supposed to sound. And my professor thought so, too. She told me that I had created something incredible. 

See, that is the thing about bee stings. Or criticism. Or the things in life that puncture you, injure you or inconvenience you. As much as they hurt, they can actually be quite wonderful. They might leave you with a funny anecdote, a lesson to be learned, or the chance to sit with your pain and grow from it. 

[bf_image id="nt3z7bnmkh5bzq7c7hpfkc"] Maybe that bee sting you received while messing with the flowers will teach you that you should remain in your own lane. Maybe that critique from your beloved boss will push you to be your best self. Maybe that stinging feeling that only lasts a few minutes will help you understand that pain indeed is temporary and that humans heal.

Maybe the fact that you are having a horribly irritating day is a crucial reminder that sometimes, life can be hard. Bee stings can be the reality checks that you do not want, but something you need. 

I am not saying that allergic reactions from bee stings are a gift from above, nor am I saying that people should attempt to get stung by bees, or by any insect for that matter. What I am saying though is that the most unpleasant, trying things can really be opportunities for beauty. For growth. For something pleasant. 

[bf_image id="8tr9w68gn5nsn3bx8pvht9r9"] Anyone from anywhere can keep such a notion in mind. In fact, they should keep this notion in mind. At the end of the day, life is full of bee stings, whether we like that or not. The least we can do is learn something from those jabs so many of us fear or attempt to avoid. 

Some may disagree with my point. However, I uphold that learning, growing and gaining strength are all beautiful things. Bee stings can allow for such things. Therefore, bee stings are beautiful too. 

So, the next time you hear that distinct buzzing in your ear: don’t freak out. Don’t flail your arms. Just get ready for some beauty. 

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Maya Mor

American '23

Maya Mor is a junior at American University from Denver, CO. She is studying psychology, business administration, and communications. She enjoys writing, being with people, traveling, eating ice cream, fashion, Judaism and Israel, female empowerment, and advocating for mental health. She is passionate, zestful, and loves working with Her Campus to inspire, share, learn, love, and grow.
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