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The Bachelor Finale: Who Stole Higgins’ Heart?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

For all of the Bachelor/Bachelorette fanatics, last night was an intense experience watching Ben Higgins sift through all of his confusion. With his heart in two places, with Jojo and Lauren, viewers all wondered how Ben would make up his mind.

The finale consisted of the two finalists each meeting Ben’s parents, Amy and Dave. Lauren Bushnell was first, and of course, she dazzled the Higgins’ with her elegance, beauty, and emotion, but most importantly her love of Ben. When Ben’s mother and Lauren talked individually it was evident that his mother was receptive to the love that she has for him. It was clear that Ben was hard on himself throughout this whole process, but it wasn’t until later in the season that Lauren really emerged as a support system.

Ben’s parents seemed to love Lauren and enjoyed seeing her with their son. When the couple had to say goodbye, Lauren made sure to let Ben know that she isfully committed to the relationship and ready to be his wife. Ben couldn’t have been happier after their last time together before he had to make his choice, but this in turn left him even more confused going into his day with Jojo.

Jojo arrived the next day very excited to see Ben and his parents, but was so nervous that she was shaking. Ben was shocked to see the usually confident Jojo so nervous, but it helped him realize how serious she was taking their relationship. Jojo’s nerves were especially surprising because Jojo was always the one who would comfort Ben in the tough situations throughout the whole process, from a tough goodbye, confused or overwhelmed feelings, she was always there for him.

Her bubbly personality mixed with her nerves just melted Amy and Dave’s hearts. Jojo and Ben’s father talked privately and she (while fighting back tears) explains to him how much his son means to her, how he is her best friend, and how they have been through some tough times and managed to make it through together.  She even divulges that she finally worked up the courage to tell Ben that she loves him and that she has no doubt in her mind about spending the rest of her life with Ben.

Jojo impressed Ben’s mother by telling her that Ben makes her feel safe. Amy pointed out to Jojo that what she said about Ben is exactly what Ben said about her when describing her to his parents. She also has been there for Ben in difficult situations, which is is something that Lauren did not seem to do as much during the show.  

On the day of the proposal, the girls are ridden with nerves. Ben meets with Neil Lane to pick out the engagement ring, and when Lane asks Ben if he knows who he will propose to, he tells him yes! (Swoon!)

Both Jojo and Lauren board helicopters and to meet Ben who is waiting for them. Everybody who has watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette knows that the first person who gets out of the car, helicopter, etc. is always the person who doesn’t end up engaged. So when Jojo is shown first getting out of the helicopter, viewers know what is about to happen. She then makes it to Ben and explains how she has felt about him from the beginning.

Ben tells her that he was unsure if he was going to find love through this process, but he has found love with her. BUT he loves someone else more. Jojo then turns silent and the audience can sense her anger. Ben walks her out and feels awful that he has to say goodbye to woman that “doesn’t deserve it.’

When Lauren gets out of the helicopter, she is visibly shaking while talking to host Chris Harrison. Ben saysto her, “I never want to say goodbye to you” and then gets down on one knee and proposes. She of course says yes! Ben Higgins and flight attendant Lauren Bushnell are now an engaged happy couple. On the “After the Final Rose” special Lauren and Ben are all smiles when asked how they are doing as a couple after the show, and Lauren announces that she will be moving to Denver in the next few weeks.

Even more exciting news is that Jojo is going to be the next Bachelorette, and the audience shows Jojo so much love that she fights back tears and thanks everybody for the support.

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Higgins!


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