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The Bachelor is Failing at Acknowledging the Lack of Diversity on the Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Bachelor Mondays are back, and after this week’s episode, Matt James and the remaining women are halfway done with the process. This season had many people excited, especially since Matt James is the first Black bachelor in The Bachelor franchise, and the cast is considered one of the most diverse cast ever. In fact, Chris Harrison, the host of the Bachelor claimed, “I’m glad that more and more people will continue to see themselves represented on the show.” However, week after week, the viewers can see the toxicity that exists in the house, and it may be worse compared to past seasons. 

Name-calling and serious allegations have been featured in the season. Anna Redman, one of the contestants, claimed that Britney Galvin, another contestant, was an escort because she knew all the rich men in Chicago. Redman also told the other woman before bringing it to Galvin, meaning that the rumors were circulating around the house way before Galvin even knew about it.

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Victoria Larson was another contestant who contributed to the bullying in the house. Larson called herself “Queen Victoria” from the start and made sure everyone knew who she was. She even snatched a crown off the head of Catalina Morales, a former Miss Puerto Rico pageant queen, before claiming that it was a joke. Later on in that episode, Anna and Victoria are talking, and Victoria says, “Catalina is the dumbest hoe I’ve ever met.”

Harmful verbal attacks have been a protagonist in almost every single one of the episodes since the start of this season, but production does not seem to be doing anything about it. The bullies of this season have been Victoria, Anna, and MJ, but producers seem to be encouraging this type of behavior. is a space that is promoting bullying and amplifying their voices while minimizing the voices of women of color.

Matt and Victoria on The Bachelor
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                                                                                                      Matt James pictured with Victoria Larson

Producers possibly have much more control than the leads on what happens on The Bachelor. Therefore, they could stop the bullying and toxic behavior if they wanted to, but they are not. Yes, ABC casted a Black bachelor, and there is a diverse cast, but throughout the season the targets of the bullying have almost always been women of color. If ABC wanted The Bachelor franchise to fix its lack of diversity, then the conversations that Matt had with Chelsea and Michelle about white beauty standards, conforming to white beauty standards, and what it is like being a Black teacher in Minnesota after George Floyd’s murder should have received more air time. However, that has not been the case because Victoria and Anna have received more screen time for their childlike bullying. If The Bachelor claims that they wanted to diversify their franchise and allow for the voices and stories of women of color to shine, they are failing. 


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Katherine (she/her) is a second-year student at American and is majoring in Political Science. Katherine loves to write about current events, relationships, and politics. She is currently living in Washington DC.