Baby Got Bach: Classical Music Playlist


Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year with the changing leaves, cool breezes, and accompanying autumn clothing. However, it is also one of the most unpredictable with spontaneous cold rains and gusty winds. Whatever the condition, every fall experience can be better with good background music. Consider the following classical piano tunes during your daily walks during the fall season:


When It's Cloudy and You Are Watching the Rain From Your Window:

Impromptu Op. 90 No. 3, Franz Schubert

Sonata No. 8 Op. 13, Ludwig van Beethoven

Pavane, Op. 50, Gabriel Faure


When the Leaves are Beautifully Changing Color:

Kinderszenen Op. 15: 1. Of Foreign Lands and Peoples, Robert Schumann

The Seasons, Op. 37b: November. On the Troika (No. 11), Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Bruyeres, Prelude for Piano, L. 123/5, Claude Debussy

Songs Without Words (6) For Piano, Book 1, Op. 19b, Felix Mendelssohn


When the Wind is Blowing Like Crazy

The Seasons, Op. 37b: August. The Harvest, Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Solfeggietto, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach


All of the music listed is available on ITunes. Happy listening, and happy fall, collegiettes!




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