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Awesome (Free) Apps for Studying for Finals

Let’s face it, most of the time you are using your iPhone to snapchat funny faces, engage in a group message, browse twitter or occasionally use Google Maps when you realize you are lost somewhere in the city and are in search of a metro station. The app store on your smart phone gives you the ability to download over one million apps, so why not take advantage of it? With finals quickly approaching, make your iPhone or your laptop your new study buddy. Here are several apps and websites you can use to study for your exams from writing, to politics, to math, to foreign languages!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is run by a professor who provides ten to twenty minute lectures in six different subject areas. With over 3,500 videos you are bound to find a lecture for the topic you are struggling with, whether it is confidence intervals for statistics or cellular respiration for biology. The videos are done on an interactive chalkboard and are very clear and informative. You can buy this app on your phone or check it out online


Quizlet is an easy-to-use flashcard app great for iPhones and iPads. You can go online to Quizlet and create flashcards for the terms you are studying, or make them directly thorough your iPhone or iPad. Once you have created a flashcard set, you can access them on any of your devices by simply logging into your account. The app lets you study through basic flashcards, matching games and other memory puzzles. An extra feature of Quizlet is that there are already numerous flashcards sets available for textbooks and class subjects, so you might not even have to make your own.


SelfControl is a free, secure app you can download on your computer. When you open the app you can type into the “blacklist” all the websites you procrastinate on. Next, set the timer for the amount of you time you need to work with out procrastinating. If you try to go on to one of the blacklisted websites while the timer is on, the app will block the site. There is not a way to disable the app before the timer goes off so you will be sure to stay on task!


Feeling frantic? The myHomework app is free and helps you to stay organized during the chaotic weeks of finals. The app provides a calendar with color-coded tasks and assignments so you can keep track of final paper due dates and exam times. You can even set reminders to go off to keep you on track with your studying.


Studying another language? This app provides a dictionary for over 70 languages. It also includes a translator so you can easily translate English sentences into a foreign language and vice versa. iTranslate includes text-to-speech if you want to hear how certain foreign phrase are pronounced. The voice recognition feature even lets you speak into your phone and then the app will transcribe and translate your speech. 


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